Okay, so working with an exceptionally limited force, I have come up with the folllowing two army lists. Thanks to some recent bits aquisition and the help of a friend, I've added some specialist weapons to my army, but otherwise only have the following.

You may ignore the fluff if you like, It's only there because I'm copy-pasting from my text file.

My local community consists of an IG army, a large, flexible Tyranid army, two Chaos Marine armies, Tau, Eldar, Space Wolves, And Ork's.

We may be getting another Ork or Necron player in the near future.

I'm looking for recommendations for army purchases as well as how to better build/modify my army.


For those of you who wonder, it's pronounced Jai-hay-dee-an. Long story. I'll post it some day. And yes, several of my officers are french. They're still badasses (my Ironclad has yet to die in 22 battles!)

1500 Pt. Army List - Jyhadian Vanguard Force - Generic Army List

170 - Alpha Company 4th Rapier Squad - 10 Man Tac-Squad, W/ Flamer and Heavy Bolter

190 - Alpha Company 2nd Sledgehammer Squad - 10 Man Tac-Squad, W/ Plasma Gun and Lascannon

215 - Omega Company 1st Infiltrator Squad - 10 Man Scout Squad W/Sniper Rifles, 1 Heavy Bolter, Tele-Homer - Led by Sergeant Timothy Murphy (Uses rules for Sgt. Telion)

50 - "The Herkemer Battle Jitney" Rhino with Extra Armor, Attatched to Rapier Squad

50 - "Swift Fist of Fury" Rhino with Extra Armor, Attatched to Sledgehammer Squad

165 - "Brother Captain Renč De La Croix" Ironclad Dreadnought With Ironclad Assault launchers, and 2x Heavy Flamers

80 - Omega Company 3rd Recon Scout Bikes - 3 bike Scout Bike squad with cluster Mines.

310 - Delta Company 1st Terminator Strike-force - 7 man Terminator Squad with Cyclone Missile launcher.

143 - Captain Shawn Willam, Alpha Company Captain - With Storm Bolter, Artficier Armor, Hellfire Rounds and Power Sword.

127 - 1st Company Command Squad "The King's Guard" - With Storm Bolters
1500 Pts Total


1750 Pt. Army List - Jyhadian First-Strike Force - Anti-Horde Army list

175 - Beta Comapny, 1st Holocaust Squad - 10 man Tac Squad W/ Flamer and Plasma Cannon

175 - Beta Company, 2nd Holocaust Squad - 10 man Tac Squad w/ Flamer and Plasma Cannon

165 - Omega Company 3rd Infiltrator Squad - 10 man Scout Squad with Sniper Rifles, Heavy Bolter and Tele-Homer

85 - "Emperor's Wrath" - Whirlwind

85 - "Distant Death" - Whirlwind

195 - Beta Company, 3rd Devastator Squad - 5 Man Devastator Squad w/ 4 Plasma Cannons and Melta Bombs

460 - Delta Company 2nd Terminator Strike-Force - 10 man Terminator squad with Assault Cannon and Cyclone Missile launcher

165 - "Brother Captain Renč De La Croix" Ironclad Dreadnought With Ironclad Assault launchers, and 2x Heavy Flamers

75 - from Gamma Company, 9th Techmarine "Leon Technologus" With Servo-Harness

70 - From Gamma Company, Jyhadian Servitors - 5 Servitors

100 - Beta Company Librarian "Renal Lysander" -With Smite and Vortex of Doom
1750 Pts Total