HQ: Chaplain in Terminator Armor and Stormbolter

Elites: Terminators with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields
Dedicated Transport: Land Raider Redeemer, Multi-melta

5-Man scout squad with 4 Snipers and a Heavy Bolter, with camo
10-Man Tac. Squad with Missile Launcher, Plasma Gun, and Combi-plasma on the Sarge

Fast Attack: Either 1 3-'Speeder squadron of Tornadoes w/Multimeltas and Heavy Flamers, or
3 individual Tornadoes w/MM and HF

Heavy Support:
Predator-TW-LC, LC Sponsons
Predator-HB Sponsons, PM Stormbolter
Vindicator-Siege Shield

The plan is to have the Chaplain ride with the Terminators and have the whole force except for the scouts (Who will be sitting in cover) and Predators (who need to be stationary to fire all their weapons) power down one of my opponent's flanks and sweep down the length of the board while my scouts and predators provide covering fire at appropriate targets.

Feedback would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!