I recently bought heaps of space marines off a friend, so now I need to work out a good army for them against chaos demons (most likely). I know that it will probably need a lot of work, so please don’t hold back with the advice.
This army is more for killing the other team than capturing the objectives, though I suppose it could be used for both.
HQ - 425
Shadow captain Kayvaan Shrike = 195 pts
Chief Librarian Tigurius=230 pts
Troops - 530
10 man scout squad with snipers and 1 heavy bolter, sergeant has teleport homer = 160 pts
10 man scouts with snipers and 1 heavy bolter, Sergeant Telion = 200 pts
10 man tactical (bolt pistol and chainsword) = 170 pts
Elites - 360
Terminator Assault Squad (twin lightning claws) =200 pts
Dreadnought with heavy flamer, plasma cannon and drop pod = 160 pts
Fast Attack - 360
4 land speeders with assault cannons = 360 pts
Heavy Support - 315
Predator with twin-linked lascannon, storm bolter and 2 heavy bolters = 165 pts
Devastator Squad w/ 4 missile launchers = 150 pts

Total = 1990 points

The Shadow captain goes with the tactical squad, giving them the Infiltrate special rule as well as Fleet. The land speeders deep strike behind any vehicles, giving 28 shots at the back armor. the termies deep strike and assault any HQ/Elites (librarian casts Null Zone so they have to re-roll successful invulnerable saves). Dreadnought, devastators and scout’s heavy bolters (hellfire shells) take out any remaining troops. Tactical squad and the Shadow captain infiltrate and use Fleet to reach any survivors and finish them off.