Hello all!

Based on my thread in the general SM section, I wanted to create a first draft of my 400 Pts Combat Patrol list for you guys to actually look at and judge its composition. I opted to go with TAC squad, backed by a Razorback (instead of an Attack Bike - not sure if Armor11 is better than T5 at such games, but at least I have the option of moving 5 guys forward), Scouts for the raids on the flanks and one MMelta Attack Bike for those high-T targets...

Thanks for any comments!

Tactical Squad (5+5+1, 240 Pts)
Flamer, Plasma Cannon, Power Fist in a Razorback

Scout Bike Squad (4, 110 Pts)
Astartes Grenade Launcher x2

Attack Bike Squad (1, 50 Pts)

Total - 400 Pts even.