I traded ( Nids, Orks and Dark Eldar) for a new army and have no idea how to put together a few decent lists. There are just too many models for my poor head to sort through. But I'm a big Pink Floyd fan so I have to play this army. I'm not a SM player although I have the codex and have obviously played against SM many times. The army uses many DA models but I'm would rather play it as a C:SM army to save some points.

Now I love plasma - have always been a fan, I love Vindies and Dreads as well but I only want a list of 1250 points and 1500 points to start ( I play a lot of games at 1250). Feel free to come up with any lists at any point level but I am definitely starting at a smaller level ( might even play a few 1000 point games to get the hang of new codex with 5th edition ).

I do really want to use my Banner boy with the Dark Side of the Moon in any list - it is the theme after all. I must have lots off plasma. So my initial thought was to begin with

HQ and small command (with a banner) in my only rhino - around 275 points
5 Scouts - 4 snipers w/ hb - around 100 points
Tac squad - plasma gun and HB or Plasma Cannon - 185 points
Dread - 160 w/ plasma and vet etc.
Vindies - they are 230 points
Small assault squad w/pp and pf - around 150 points

But how to fit that lot in at 1250? At 1500 there is a lot more leeway of course. I've tried to get some advice from three forums with no results - NOT A SINGLE PROPOSED LIST.

Here is what I have ... don't hate the PINK.


"The Angels Sysyphus"

"The Scarecrow"
Captain with Combi-Melta

"Pow R. Toc H."
Captain with Combi-Plasma

Librarian with Helmet bearer (Familiar)

Chaplain in Terminator Armour

"Grand Vizier"
Caplainarian with Bolt pistol & Power weapon

"Corporal Clegg"
Standard Bearer with (Floyd) Banner

"Careful With That Axe, Eugene"

"Atom Heart"

"The Post War Dream"
4 Veterans

"Welcome to the Machine"
Plastic Dreadnought with all weapons

7 Terminators with Lightning Claws
3 Terminators with Thunder Hammers

"A New Machine (Part 1)"

Scouts: "Several Species Of Small Furry Animals
Gathered Together In A Cave And Grooving With A Pict"
1 Metal Scout with Missile Launcher
4 Metal Scouts with Sniper Rifles
5 Plastic Scouts with Sniper Rifles

Tac Squads: "Dogs of War"
35 Space Marines with Bolters
2 Space Marines with Melta guns
4 Space Marines with Plasma guns

heavy weapons: "The Gunner's Dream"
8 Space Marines with Missile Launchers
8 Space Marines with Heavy Bolters
6 Space Marines with Plasma Cannons
4 Space Marines with Lascannons

Speeders; "Point Me At The Sky"
1 Command Speeder (Master of Ravenwing model) with TL Assault Cannon & TL Heavy Bolters
2 Land Speeders with Assault Cannon & Heavy Bolter

Assault Squad: "Pigs On The Wing "
1 Jump Pack Sergeant with Power Fist
2 Jump Pack Marines with Plasma pistols
7 Jump Pack Marines with Bolt pistols & CCWs

Heavy "Absolutely Curtains"
2 Vindicators