Hey guys, just wanted to get your opinions on my list as I make my way up to 1500 pts. Haven't come across any problems with my 1000 pts list (though I've only played 3 games) so I just expanding on it.

Captain - Artificer armour + power weapon

10 Tactical Marines - Missile launcher + flamer + rhino
10 Tactical Marines - Multi-melta + meltagun + rhino
10 Tactical Marines - Heavy bolter + plasma gun

5 Terminator - Lightning claws

5 Assault Marines - Power weapon

Predator - Autocannon + heavy bolter sponsons
Vindicator - Siege shield
Land Raider

Basically the Captain will join the Termies in the Land Raider and threaten the enemy. This is distraction while the Rhinos, Vindi and Assault squad follow up behind. Other Tactical squad lays down covering fire while holding the home objective with the Predator.

Things I'm not certain about are the Termies - thinking of swapping in a pair of thunder hammers. Also I know the Assault squad is a little small but I don't really have the points for more bodies. It will definitely get a buff when I move up to 1750 though, which is the tournament standard here.

Comments / criticisms?