Ok, so i posted an army list for regular marines a while ago which got some pretty awesome pointers! Since then, i've discovered the BA codex, and decided that i like the idea of bashing heads... so i've made a 1500 point list. This is basically a to-buy list since i don't really have a lot of models yet (just starting out), so any changes can be made since i don't have to adapt to what i have.

Chaplain w/Terminator Armour

2* tactical squad (10-strong) w/Missile Launcher + Flamer and Rhino
Assault Squad (5-strong) w/power fist + combat shield

Death Company Dreadnought w/Drop Pod + Heavy Flamer

Terminator Squad, 2*LC, 3*TH
Land Raider Crusader

4 Death Company w/Jump Packs

2* Attack bike w/MultiMelta.

1505 pts

It seems as if i have a bit of everything. Small jump squad eats up weaker objective defenders. Death Company jumps in and thrashes about. Dread does same, goes nuts behind enemy lines. TacSquads speed to objectives and take them. And the landraider with HQ and terminators is a monstrous nightmare that will draw enemy attention like flies to honey. Plus attack bikes to zap tanks. Yet, almost no BA lists that i find on the net look anything like this... am i missing something?