This sunday we have a friendly tournament at our club. There will be mostly Ork and Space Marines (also BA and SW) players.

I was wondering what your thought were on the list I have put together.

First of all: I have put the Thunder Cannon in there because it performed very well for me so far, also vs MEQ: 4x Str6 blast can really hit hard.

I only doubt that I have enough AT with only 2 ML, but than again, it's only 850 points...

But here is the list:
Chaplain with Jump pack and digital weapons 125

Tactical Squad 10 Flamer + Missile Launcher + PowerSword 185
Rhino XX
Tactical Squad 10 Flamer + Missile Launcher + Powerfist 195

Scout Squad 5 CCW + BP XX

Fast Attack
Assault Squad 5 + Flamer + Powerfist 135

Heavy Support
Thunderfire Cannon 1 XXX

Should the scout squad be upgraded to be usefull?