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    1500pt all-infantry list (with mini-bat rep)


    Librarian with Terminator Armour and Storm Shield, Gate and Smite - 140pts


    5 Terminators - 200pts

    5 Assault Terminators with Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield - 200pts


    10 Marines with Missile Launcher and Flamer (combat squads) - 170pts
    10 Marines with Missile Launcher and Flamer (combat squads) - 170pts
    10 Scouts with Shotguns (combat squads and out-flank) - 140pts
    10 Scouts with CCW and Bolt Pistols (combat squads and out-flank) - 140pts
    10 Scouts with 9 Sniper Rifles and a Missile Launcher (infiltrate)- 150pts


    10 Assault Marines - 190pts

    1500pts exactly, 71 models

    Just used this list in the last few hours against a couple of friends, one Chaos Daemons army and one Imperial Guard army.

    Against the Daemons we rolled the mission with 2+D3 objectives with Dawn of War deployment. This player makes extremely horrible, corny, cheesy, unbeatable lists, and as such it was almost impossible for me to do a thing, especially with DoW deployment.

    Against Imperial Guard we rolled the mission with only two objectives (one in each deployment zone) and Dawn of War deployment again. This time I completely owned the entire game and won by a nice 1-0. I was holding my own objective by a very nice late arrival from the CCW Scouts and I had wiped out all but one of his scoring units, who was too far from his objective, and my Terminator squad was contesting his objective anyway. We rolled for an extra turn at the end of the fifth and it came up negative, so no turn 6, but if there was one then I would have had 9 Shotgun Scouts at his objective aswell and won 2-0. I consider this an excellent win for this army as this particular guy almost never loses, and in his 1500pt list was using two Battle Tanks, a Demolisher and a Hellhound, so I was a bit worried.

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    Nice list. One of the better footslogging lists I've seen. Hope you had a chainfist for your termies and some meltabombs for your marines, but then again, you probably knew whether your friend had landraiders or not.

    Let me guess, the chaos player was fielding thousand sons. With IG as one of my armies, I find I have problems with troop-heavy marine lists. The only thing he had for your termies to fear was the demolisher, and that's not even too accurate.

    I'm going against witchhunter sisters this weekend, and I thought about an all-infantry list, but I decided against it because of their firepower. They'll roast my troops alive. I'm going mechanized against them with possibly 2 LR's+1 LRR or 1 LR+1LRR+2 rzrbks.

    In short, I like your list and congrats on your victory.

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