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    1500 Raven Guard - Please Reply with Help!

    Hello all,

    I recently posted a similar thread, but got no replies, so I'm back for more help .

    I had two armies posted on the last thread, so I assume nobody could be bothered to address it, so I made another one here hoping for some replies.


    Shrike - 195

    Librarian Epistolary - 175
    Force Weapon
    Bolt Pistol
    Jump Pack


    Scout Squad (4 + Sergeant) - 75
    Snipers x4

    Scout Squad (4 + Tellion) - 125
    Snipers x4
    Stalker Pattern Boltgun x1

    Fast Attack

    Vanguard Veterans (4 + Sergeant) - 255
    Power Swords x5
    Bolt Pistols x5
    Melta Bombs x1
    Jump Packs x5

    Assault Squad (9 + Sergeant) - 235
    Chainsword x10
    Bolt Pistols x7
    Plasma Pistols x3

    Heavy Support

    Devestator Squad (9 + Sergeant) - 290
    Lascannon x2
    Rocket Launcher x1
    Plasma Cannon x1
    Boltgun x6

    *Thunderfire Cannon - 150

    Total: 1500 Points

    *Do I have to count the points for the techmarine, or are they already included?

    Shrike will team with the Vanguards, Infiltrate, and reek havok in the first go.
    The Devestators will take out the tanks.
    The Thunderfire Cannon will take on heavy infantry or infantry hordes.
    The Scouts will pin down any threats to Shrike and the assault squad (see below)
    The Librarian will join the Assault Squad and will deepstrike in the first possible turn, then assist Shrike and his (hopefully) unwounded Vanguards.

    It would be great if some people out there could help me out here

    Soldier on,

    Only two fail. Those who think but fail to act, and those who act but fail to think.
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    I'm not familiar with the raven guard fluff , but here's what i'd be changing if i was you.

    -The number of troops you have are low , both in the number of squads and models in the squads . Personally , with the 5th edition rules on claiming objectives , i don't feel comfortable with less than 3 ... and even 4 scoring units can be easy to deal with. I'd suggest at least a full marine squad and one full scout squad more , if they're to survive long enough to do anything. Scouts already having infiltrate and move through cover can make a great use of "Fleet" if they're gear up for Close combat .

    -I'm not a big fan of vanguards , not at 1500 points anyway. Perhaps in the 1700 or 1850 range i'd field some in but even then i wouldn't join them to "Shrike", it doesn't take full advantage of "heroic intervention' and "Shrike's" See but not be seen (Or whatever its called. You're better off joining "shrike" to a specialist unite : Sternguard , Command squad or assault terminators to take full use of infiltrate .

    -I'm not so sure about the devastator squad also; If you're looking for some tank busting capability , close combat on armor always hit on the rear value now , a few melta bomb in your squads would be more efficient (given that devastator will most likely not have great use of feet) and less costly ...not to mention the fact that gunning down tank is a little harder nowdays and you have lots of Close combat blocking the line of sight, secondly you'll probably want more anti-swarm if you're to take some heavy support choices ; Right now your army seem to me very lacking in that respect.

    So i'd cut : The devastators & the vanguard to beef up my troops , add some transport perhaps :possibly a drop pod . Invest in a assault terminator squad if possible (Thammer/Sshield), or a podding dreadnought (flamer/melta) , if not go with something to take care of swarms; Add some flamers in some squads /missile launchers ,even land speeders or bikes will do the trick... though the thunderfire cannon is a very good choice for that regardless.
    Last edited by seismic; February 14th, 2009 at 03:50.
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    Yeah...way too few troops. You'd lose 2/3 of the time. Basically on any objectives type game, the most you can possibly hope for is a tie unless your opponent is also troop-lite. The problem with your scouts is that they're very immobile. With sniper rifles, if they move, they can't shoot. I'd recommend at the very least rhinos/razorbacks for them so they're at least somewhat protected when they need to go get some objectives. But overall, definitely more troops.

    Btw, the thunderfire cannon already includes the techmarine at 100pts. Personally I like devastators, esp. since you can split them into 2 squads and target different units, but I agree with seismic on vanguards. You're better off exchanging them them for more troops and possibly some form of transports in a 1500 game. As good as they are in cc, they still die like regular marines.

    Also, in 1500 games, I consider 2 HQ's to be somewhat of a luxury. In this case I think you should drop one (librarian) for more troops choices.

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    wow drop vanguard waste of points imho never used them take standard assault squad you'll get 10 with powerfist melta bomb and 2 flamers for less then drop libby get chaplin infiltrate him with assault squad and shrike first turn fleet assault added with chaplins re-roll miss's better choice imo.

    you need more troops i recommend 1 troop for evey 500pts min i field 3 tact squads personally get rhinos combat squad for objective games.

    thunderfire cannons are good but a liability i'd go for a landspeeder typhoon or 2 and use them for side armour shots also takes fire from assault squad and rhinos i have never had a thunder fire cannon used against me as i always kill if first turn 2 kraks norm do job even with 3+ cover.

    my two cents from veteran raven player

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