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    SM - 1500 pts Ultramarines

    Squad 1
    Chaplain (terminator armour, storm bolter) - 130pts
    Terminator Assult Squad (5)(3 w/ LCs and 2 with TH) (accompanied by Chaplain) - 200pts
    Dedicated Land Raider for termies - 250pts

    Squad 2
    Techmarine (power weapon) - 65pts
    Tactical Squad (10(meltagun, heavybolter) 210pts

    Squad 3
    Master (pair of LCs, artificer armour) - 170pts
    Tactical Squad (10(flamer, heavy bolter) - 205pts

    Squad 4
    Scouts (7)(6 sniper rifles, 1 missle launcher, camo cloaks) - 132pts

    Squad 5
    Devastators (5)(4 ML) - 150

    Total - 1512

    extras (not including the units listed above)
    chaplain (normal)
    captains with all weapons*
    predator (heavy bolters and tl Lascannon)
    land speeder (multi-melta or heavy bolter)
    2 servitors
    5 scouts
    15 tactical marines (normal)
    1 flamer, 2 lascannon, 2 plasmacannon marines
    two normal sergants, one with plasma pistol, one with plasma pistol and power fist (any assortment using extra captains)*
    terminator 5 man squad with heavy flamer and sergent via power weapon, all storm bolters
    dreadnaught (cc with H flamer, lasconnon, missle launcher, assult cannon)

    techmarine uses bolster defences on ruins for scouts and devastators, granting 3+ cover saves (2+ via camo cloaks), 3 troops for scoring units, 6 if using combat squads (can add more scouts to make squad of ten).
    Master may be removed to add another complete tactical squad if needed
    techmarine can loose power weapon to give squads meltabombs
    Missle launchers can use krak against vehicles (or heavy infantry) and frags against light infantry
    termies via chaplain get to re-roll attacks when charging plus lightning claws reroll to wound, rip through any unit including some monstrous creatures due to thunder hammers and storm shields ( if lucky)
    Land Raider may fire lascannons at two seperate units via machine spirit (like two tanks)
    transports for manouverabilty and protect tactical and termie squads while devestators and scouts use the bolstered terrain as cover

    overall, armour and lots of protection, has won three battles in a row against eldar and space marines (annihilation)

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    64 (x2)

    Nice list. First of all, where I play 1500 points means up to but not exceeding, so you would need to shave off 12 points. If that is different where you play, then disregard.
    Secondly you are posting some exact point costs for wargear and that is not allowed. Just add the cost of the rhino to a tactical squad and post it as one amount, but you are not supposed to say the specific cost for a rhino one item like your rhinos.
    Are you breaking your tactical squads up into combat squads? If not, you can not put a character with a 10-man squad into a rhino. Rhino's only carry 10 models and if you are upgrading your squads to have a special weapon and a heavy weapon you must have a full 10-man squad.

    Your tech-marine seems out of place. Is he there just to bolster defences for your scouts? I suggest dropping him for a thunderfire cannon. It will cost slightly more but you will get the great cannon. I would not run a tech marine into close combat. He has good armor but his number of attacks are low. I suggest dropping the techmarine completely and giving your tactical sergeants some extra punch with a power fist and a power sword.

    I would also drop the master and add in a vindicator tank.

    Just some thoughts...
    Once a Marine, always a Marine.

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