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    1750 Dark Angels (My Brother's List)

    Here's the situation. I play Eldar, and I'm hoping to start gearing up my list to fight in some tournaments eventually. My only regular opponent is my brothers Ravenwing army since he's nowhere near enough pointswise to field his IG (not that they're very competitive right now anyways.) So I'm looking for some suggestions to make his list better so I can fight a better opponent when I can't make it down to the local battle bunker for some matches. So here's the list.

    Sammael - 205
    Interrogator Chaplain - 145
    ---Terminator gear
    Ravenwing Attack Squadron - 370
    ---3 Additional Bikes
    ---Multi-Melta Attack Bike
    ---Land Speeder
    Ravenwing Attack Squadron - 170
    ---Multi-Melta Attack Bike
    Deathwing Terminator Squad - 215
    Deathwing Terminator Squad - 215
    ---3 Lightning Claws
    ---2 Thunder Hammer + Storm Shield
    Deathwing Terminator Squad - 245
    ---Assault Cannon

    TOTAL - 1565

    He had a Dreadnought in there, which I just realized is an Elite not Heavy Support (I don't play SM and never have,) so I'll leave those points up for anyone who comments to fill up. He fields this army mainly as doublewing with the mass of bikes and terminator. He only has ten terminators (he borrows my five from the Black Reach set when we play), so dropping a squad won't make him irritated about wasting money.

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