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    1750 vs tau list.

    ok, so I know my opponent pretty well. The campaign requires a grudge match so here goes.

    Chaplain - Mattius - termie armour with Combi melta

    Tactical squad - Korandros -
    10, flamer, lascannon, Sergeant with power weapon

    Tactical squad - Losadria -
    10, flamer, Plasma cannon, sergent with power weapon - Rhino

    Scout sqaud - Octavious -
    5, Snipers, Camo cloaks, Tellion

    Scout squad - Principia -
    5, combat blades, m launcher, camo cloaks, telehomer

    Terminator squad - Dominatus -
    6, assualt cannon

    Dreadnaught - Ulitaria -
    Lascannon, Extra armour.

    Dreadnaught - Russ -
    H flamer, Drop pod

    Assault squad - Victia -
    5, sergeant with lightning claw and storm shield

    Attack Bike squad
    2, 1 melta

    Devastator squad - Bang -
    10, 2 missle launchers, 1 plasma cannon, 1 Heavy bolter.

    First off, we argree'd before hand that there were no hammerheads, or vindicators, Preds or Landraiders due to the setting and theme of the scenario, but, this guy likes his transports ( Im not 100% on the names) and also runs a squad of 15-20 kroot (or some big number)

    The terrain is also somewhat interesting.. mostly in my favour. the table is like 72' by 48. with a one of the Citadel double hills in the center, there are 2 ruins on either side of the hill with a 12 inch grace inbetween them.

    The main plan is to infiltrate each scout in a diff building, the Combat blade scouts are there to be a nuisance, possibly getting a few side armour shots with the ML, if they live that long enough, they'll be a nuisance to dig outa cover with 3 up cover ( 2 + if they go to ground ) The other scout squad is guna use tellion to pick off his vespid leader and hopefully cause a leader. By the time the rest of my army is over, the termies and assualt squad should deepstrike to cause more havok.

    Final little trick, I know the attack bikes are look sorta wierd, I plan to Blitz them first turn to absorb some of the bigger guns, hoping a 3 up cover will do it.\

    Any suggestions would be great, the only thing is that the game is for this weekend, and I dont really have the resources to get any new models, I do have some more though.

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    well. make the dev sqaud all have one of the same weapon. like all four have missles. scrap the bikes. give both the dreads heavy flamer and multimeltas. make themin drop pods with dual close combat weapons and make them ironclad. in a drop list you get to drop half of your drop pods first turn, your choice too. scrap the assulty sqaud and the acout sqaud you're better off with A) more termi with assult cannons or cyclones, or if he ahs rail guns, more storms shieilds. you want your big ironclad dreds to drop down first turn with dual close combat weapons dropping templaes. then you tie up a big kroot sqaud. you use your missles to provide fire support for the termis while your 3 tac squads can cap. you also want flames to ignore pesky cover saves. you can do this also by getting sternguard (you can use regualr models) and give them 2 missles for very cheap.

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