HQ- Cassius

HQ- Master of the forge
w/conversion beamer.

5 man Termy squad w/ LC
transport LR

5 man sternguard
transport Razorback w/ lascannons

5 man sternguard. 2 with combi flamers, powerfist.
transport razorback w/ heavey bolters

5 man scout squad-snipers, heavey bolter, telion. camo cloaks

5 man scout squad-snipers, heavey bolter, camo cloaks.

5 man scout squad- shotguns, camo cloaks

5 man scout squad, cc wpns, power fist.
transport landspeeder storm.

pred annihilator


ironclad dred
w/ hurricane bolters, hammer, assault launcher.

so ive played this list as many times as i can in the past 2 months. and it works amazingly. great manuverability. and put cassius in the LR with termys. reroll to hit and wound. awsome....lol. also i dont always put my sternguard in the transports. spreds things out everyonce and i while.

but it works great and fluff wise its my ultramarines recovery force. 2 tech marines for technology, a few vets and termys and scouts to take for training.

let me know what you guys think.