Captain, Relic Blade, Artificier Armour -140


Dreadnought, Multi-melta -105


10x Space Marines, Melta, Multi-melta, Powerfist, Rhino -235
10x Space Marines, Plasma, Missile Launcher -180

Fast Attack

10x Assault Marines, Powerfist -215

Heavy Support

Vindicator, Siege Shield -125

Plan: Tacticals combat squad and set up a danger zone around my objective for tanks with the AP1 of the multi-melta. Missile lends help where ever. Vindicator for help breaking through enemy lines and over running their objectives, Rhino to get my troops where they are needed fof objectives. Assault Marines for plugging holes in my battle lines. Dreadnought for AT and tying up units. Captain for CC Punch and resilience. Thoughts? Improvements?