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    1500 Drop Pod Assault Force


    -Termainator Armour
    -Storm Bolter
    130 pts


    -Extra Armour
    -Twin-Linked Lascannon
    -Drop Pod
    185 pts


    10 Scouts
    -Sniper Rifles
    -Combat Squads
    -Camo Cloaks
    -Melta Bombs
    175 pts

    10 Tactical Marines
    -Melta Gun
    -Melta Bomb
    -Power Sword (Sergeant)
    -Drop Pod
    230 pts

    10 Tactical Marines
    -Melta Gun
    -Power Sword (Sergeant)
    -Drop Pod
    225 pts

    Fast Attack:

    Vanguard Veteran Squad
    -Jump Packs
    -Power Swords (All models)
    235 pts

    Heavy Support:

    Thunderfire Cannon
    -Drop Pod
    135 pts

    5 Devestators
    -4 Missile Launchers
    -Drop Pod
    185 pts

    Total: 1500 pts

    How will this work? What is right/wrong? All feedback welcome.

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    HQ: He is ok but which unit is he joining? Arriving in a drop pod is ok but he would be better in a combat unit but joining the vanguards will remove their heroic intervention. I think I would replace him for a termie librarian with gate & vortex.

    Elite: You don't need a drop pod on a long range dread. Either get a MM and keep the pod or just footslog and lay down fire support as you plod forewards.

    Troops: Scouts are ok but I would reduce them to 5 strong and ditch the meltabomb. Tac squads are fine but should also take the free multimeltas in the squads. You can still move and fire bolt pistols but the MM has a nice threat even though you may not use it every turn. Try to get a locator beacon or two on the initial wave of pods. They are great for heroic intervention.

    Fast: Expensive for what you get. They are vulnerable compared to assault terminators with L-Claws. Or compare them to 10 assault marines with a decent sarge. They will do well on their arrival turn if the locator beacon survives but expect them to be shot to bits at the first opportunity.

    Heavy: Ditch the drop pod. Why would you need one when you cannot disembark and fire and are using the pod to presumably get closer to the enemy. If this is the case your opponent will not allow them to fire. Either get 8 or so without a pod and deploy them in cover or ditch them for 3-4 MM armed attack bikes. These have more firepower, better toughness and more wounds. In addition they can move 12" and fire making the MM a much beter tank hunter.
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