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    IG Army - 1500pts

    Dusted of my Valhallans the other day and am thinking about getting back into a few games of 40k after an extended break.

    Looking at using this 1500pt list -

    Doctrines - Close order drill, sharpshooters, light infantry, iron discipline, special weapons squads

    Heroic Senior Officer w/ Plasma Pistol, Power Sword, Refractor Field, Frag Grenades, Iron Discipline
    4 Guardsmen w/ Veteran (2), Standard Bearer, Medic, 2x Grenade Launchers

    Mortar Support Squad w/ 3x Mortars

    Fire Support Squad w/ 2x Heavy Bolters, 1x Autocannon, Sharpshooters

    Anti-tank Support Squad w/ 3x Missile Launchers, Sharpshooters

    Special Weapons Support Squad w/ 2x Sniper Rifles, Light Infantry

    Commissar w/ Stormbolter, Power Fist, Refractor Field, Frag Grenades

    Infantry Platoon (#1)
    Junior Officer w/ Laspistol, Power Fist, Honorifica Imperialis, Iron Discipline
    4 Guardsman w/ 2x Flamer, Light Infantry
    2 Infantry Squads w/ Flamer, Vet Sgt, Light Infantry

    Infantry Platoon (#2)
    Junior Officer w/ Laspistol, Power Fist, Iron Discipline
    4 Guardsman w/ 2x Plasma Gun, Light Infantry
    2 Infantry Squads w/ 1x Plasma Gun, Vet Sgt, Light Infantry

    Leman Russ Battle Tank w/ Hull-mounted Heavy Bolter

    Basilisk w/ Indirect Fire

    9 Hardened Veterans w/ 2x Grenade Launchers, 1x Plasma Gun
    Hardened Veteran Sergeant w/ Bolt Pistol

    Leaves 5 pts for some other piece of wargear or similar.

    Or with some minor adjustments I can fit in a LR Demolisher in place of the Basilisk.

    The list is mostly driven by the models I have, but I do have more infantry/heavy weapons/sentinels (x2)/pyskers/enginseer.

    Thoughts and comments welcome.


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    Hellhounds are good tanks Dakka,Dakka,Dakka's Avatar
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    I'd drop the fire support squad entirely, heavy bolters suck in 5th edition

    whats the point in frag grenades on your commisar? he goes last anyway

    drop the special weapons support squad, get a squad of ratlings and use normal ig models for the snipers, no one complains as far as long as ive played, but insted of getting 2 snipers with infiltrate at bs 3, you can get 6 with infiltrate at bs 4 for 1 extra point if you just use ratlings(no one cares if you use a ig sniper as a ratling honestly they are one of the ugliest abhumans in our codex)

    insted of a powerfist with horifica, swap the powerfist for a power weapon and use close order drill to make him initiative 5!!!!

    give your plasma gun squads a heavy weapon, plasma guns are a fairly stationary special weapon, give them a autocannon(both weapons are the same str, they can hunt monstrous creature or light vehicles together. or if you give them a heavy bolter(i know i said they were crap, but they are good at putting wounds on monstrous creatures(snipers are even better) add a heavy bolter and tear up monstrous creatures.

    go with a demolisher insted of a basalisk, it seems you want a mobile list and I love mobile lists, drop the bassie for a demo, its a very mobile tank, that is great for any spearhead.

    perhaps you might want to drop the russ for a bassie, everyone uses russes static, and a basalisk can do that better because of its indirect fire and it's more powerful cannon

    anyway, good luck getting back in the field!
    Hellhounds are good tanks

    Satan - "**** you Kage! And **** you Jables! I'll get you Tenacious DDDDdddddddeeeeee!!!!!!"

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