2000 Tourney - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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Thread: 2000 Tourney

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    2000 Tourney

    Doctrine Special Weapon, Drop Troop, Grenaders, Veterans, Cameleoline

    2000 Pts - Imperial Guard Roster
    HQ: Command Platoon (17#, 277 Pts)

    1 Junior Officer
    Cameleoline; Plasma Pistol; Bolter; Frag Grenades
    4 Guardsmen
    Cameleoline; Lasgun (x1); Plasmagun (x2); Autocannon

    2x Special Weapon Squad
    Cameleoline; Drop Troops; Laspistol & CCW (x3); Meltagun (x3)

    3x Hardened Veterans (7#, 112 Pts)
    6 Hardened Veterans
    Cameleoline; Drop Troops; Laspistol & CCW (x1); Lasgun (x2); Meltagun (x3)
    1 Veteran Sergeant
    Cameleoline; Plasma Pistol; Bolter

    3x Grenadiers (11#, 213 Pts)
    9 Grenadiers
    Hellgun w/targeter (x7); Plasmagun (x2); Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades; Chimera
    1 Sergeant
    Close Combat Weapon; Hellpistol; Frag Grenades; Krak Grenades
    1 Chimera
    Extra Armour; Smoke Launchers; Multilaser; Hull Heavy Flamer

    Infantry Platoon (55#, 656 Pts)
    1 Junior Officer
    Cameleoline; Plasma Pistol; Bolter
    4 Guardsmen Cameleoline; Lasgun (x1); Plasmagun (x2); Autocannon

    5x 9 Infantry Squad
    Cameleoline; Drop Troops; Lasgun (x7); Plasmagun; Autocannon
    1 Veteran Sergeant
    Cameleoline; Drop Troops; Plasma Pistol; Bolter

    Fast Attack: 92
    2x 1 Sentinel Drop Troops; Searchlight (x1); Multilaser (x1)

    5 Multi-lasers and 7 autocannons takes out infantry and light vehicles and 5 deep striking melta squads to handle heavy armour.

    The vets/sergeants/officers are decked out to add another plasma shot, plus they are fluffy and cool looking .

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    Interesting non traditional list Ckok.

    Well, I will not try to convince you to drastically change the layout of the army, I can only assume you are looking for more tweaks instead of a maker over It is not a list I would like to run, but I am rather old and crusty and set in my ways lol. But saying that, I think you can make it work.

    I like the idea of the army, a lightweight firebase consisting of mounted Grenadiers, and the rest of the army deepstriking. However, I worry about a couple things.

    1. Your core firebase (namely the chimeras) while mobile, really lack punch. Yes they could be backed up by some command squads (and possibly some infantry squads if you choose not to DS them), but again, I worry that you do not have enough firepower in your firebase to prevent extremely aggressive actions from your oppnenent (deepstriking ect). But then again, perhaps you are going for a non firebase approach and hope to spread out enough with your deepstrikers?

    2. Command squads seem overweight and lack focus. A 5man squad w/ 2 plasmaguns and an autocannon. This is an extremely juicy target (with only 1 wound to spare before you loose guns/officer). I would consider dropping the autocannon. And you may want to consider taking the Standard Bearer in your HQ.

    3. Anti Horde. You have plenty of anti tank (meltaguns!!!!) and not a shabby amount of anti MEQ (plasmaguns!!!!) but your anti horde is limited. Yes Autocannons/multilasers are nice, but they would barely make a dent in a Ork horde... I would love to see some Hellhounds or LRBT, some added punch for your firebase would go a long way.

    4. Limited Armor targets. 5 vehicles, two of which are AV10... They are going to be dropping FAST. All of your opponents anti tank will be unleashed on your light armor, and they will simply not be able to stand up to Lascannons/missiles for more than a couple turns. This is why a LRBT or two really helps your lighter armor survive. IMO you either take a good amount of armor or none at all. Taking only a little armor (and light armor at that) means that it will most likely not perform well on the field. Consider adding more (ideally AV14) or dropping it all completely (other than DS sentinels, which you may want to switch to heavy flamers).

    Well that's my quick and dirty

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