1500 Friendly - Salamanders (and DH) - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 Friendly - Salamanders (and DH)

    Was jsut thinking maybe my vanguard squad could have a more suitable replacement. So i replaced them with a nice unit of Grey Knight terminators! Let Holy Fire rein down onto my enemies!


    Vulkan - 190
    Chaplain - (jump, combiflamer) - 130


    Tactical x 10 (flamer + multimelta) - 170
    Tactical x 10 (flamer + multimelta) - 170


    Ironclad Dread (double flamers) - 150
    Drop pod (locator + deathwind) - 65
    Grey Knight Terminators x4 +1 BC (5) (holocaust + holy relic) - 295

    Fast Attack;

    Attack bikes x 3 (meltas all around) - 150
    Land Speeder (melta+flamer) - 70
    Assault Squad x 5 (flamer) - 110

    Should be 1500 on the nose if my maths are correct.

    Chaplain goes with the assault squad, vulkan may join the grey knights or the tactical squad, dont know which yet. I know there isnt any tank support but ive never been a fan of tanks, i have access to predators and razorbacks/rhinos but mine always get shot down on turn one and i hate seeing a good piece of metal turn to scrap.

    Basic idea is to bring the dread down on turn one to disrupt the front line, keep only one squad in deep strike, most likely the chaplain and assault squad so i can bring them down reliably and double flame one unit. I may keep the grey knights in deep strike just to give them protection, but i think the shrouding might be a good usher to keep them kinda safe to get them into the front line. They also make a very nice avoiding unit to keep the enemy going where i want them to. And of course the bikes and speeder are going to by anti-tank.

    If im pushing any limits on fairness pull me up on it please, i like to have fun and i love fire and grey knights so i thought id bring them together!

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    Nah mate you're list is looking awesome, I love flamer armies so all i see is the number of flamers and melta weapons in your army and i get a warm glow lol.

    As an idea, Why not convert the grey knights up as salamanders 'Guardians of the Artifacts' or something. Just sue the rules of grey knights as some rock 'ard Salamanders travelling with Vulkan as he scours the galaxy.

    Just an idea though, which i may steal

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