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    Drill Sergeant Lord Borak's Avatar
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    1000pts City Fight.

    Right, This isn't a competitive list it's more of a 'i've got some Vile green sitting in my paint case and i want to use it army'.


    The Punishers

    Voriel - Captain of the 7th Company (145pts)
    Captain -Thunder Hammer -Storm Shield

    Sternguard Veterans (275pts)
    -10 Vets -Power Fist

    Tactical Squad (195pts)
    -10 Marines -Power Fist -Flamer -Missile Launcher

    Tactical Squad (195pts)
    -10 Marines -Power Fist -Flamer -Missile Launcher

    Indomitable Will (160 )
    -Iron Clad -Chainfist -Assault Launchers -Heavy flamer

    I'm pretty limited on what i can add into this army as it's all bitz salvaged from my bitz box. So no tanks. I can swap weapons on the tactical squads and add special weapons to the Sternguard though. Adding Infantry/characters is no trouble as my bitz box is......large. I can also swap the Iron clad for a venerable with a MultiMelta/twin heavy Bolters.

    I think i've got 30pts to spare.

    Is replacing the melta gun on the dread with another Heavy Flamer a bit pointless?? I'm loath to replace the sternguards bolters with anything like a plasmagun or a flamer but i'm open to suggestions. Artificer armour on my Captain? Hunterkillers on my Iron Clad??? Arghhh!!! help!

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    Looks like nobody else has replied--maybe nobody plays cityfight anymore? Anyway, all those flamers are good, and the missile launchers are okay because they're free, but some melta power would really help out. Since you don't get many chances to shoot stuff because of all the blocking LOS and cover saves, you've got to make sure you hit really hard so that when a shot does get through, you won't have to try again. Meltas are perfect, as are flamers for this reason. The short ranges aren't all that much of a hinderance because you can't see much at more than 18" to 24" range anyway.

    What I do see your army lacks is mobility. Difficult terrain is a bitch, and your footsloggers are going to have a hard time getting to objectives and getting into good firing and assaulting positions. Consider adding a squad of scouts, a landspeeder or two, or an assault squad, because all these units navigate the difficult terrain fairly readily.
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