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    1750 boots on ground list

    Counts as Kantor - 175pts
    Libby - 140pts

    Sternguard x 10 (combi melta/combi plasma/PF/ Drop Pod/ Locator beam) - 330pts

    Tactical squad x 10 (melta/ PF/ DP (locator beam)) - 245
    Tactical squad x 10 (melta/ PF/ DP) - 235
    Tactical squad x 10 (Flamer/ Plasma Pistol/ PF/ DP) - 245
    Tactical squad x 10 (Flamer/ PF/ DP) - 230

    Scout Squad x 5 (Bolters) - 75
    Scout Squad x 5 (Snipers) - 75

    Just thought it'd be fun to play a boots on ground heavy list, with a max of 12 possible scoring units its going to be pretty hard hitting. Basic plan would be both scout squads infiltrate and start harassing, first turn Stern + 2 tactical squads drop (both melta) and try to finish off armour speedily. Pedro and Libby join sternguard so that they both hit hard in combat and can gate out if need be, libby second power would depend but on MEQ AP3 flame template is probably best, on demons or the like null zone for those pesky invunerable saves, thoughts?

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    Three things:
    1. Why does your librarian cost 140 points? Does he have some wargear you have not listed?

    2. Why not give both scout squads sniper rifles so they can start pinning units as the drop pods show up?

    3. You seem to have powerfists in every squad. If you know who you are playing against, and they don't have any monstrous creatures, you could remove some, if not all of them, and free up points to add to the scouts, increasing the number of sniper rifles they have to fire. Or upgrade something else, whichever you prefer.

    Poding lists like these, which I've run before, either do amazingly or are completely destroyed, all based on how your opponent does against the first wave. Oh, and the dropping librarian should have avenger as a must, he can take out a whole squad with it, I've seen it happen. Marines or guardsmen, avenger does not care. Will will cook you all the same.

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