Librarian,terminator armour,storm shield force wpn.

10 Marines,missele launcher,flamer,power fist
Rhino,extra strom bolter,dozer blade.

10 Marines,missele launcher,melta gun,power fist,
Rhino,extra storm bolter,dozer blade,

5 scouts,snippers,camo cloaks,

5 Terminators,assault cannon,chainfist,

Ironclad dreadnought,2 hvy flamers,assault launchers,
Drop pod,

That shouls be something round 1200 p, i put the librarian in my squad terminators,that deepstrikes with the dreadnought in the pod,while my marines are racing forwards,pinning the enemy from the front and behind,while my scouts claim an obejective in my deployment zone,if any.

Thnx for all your comments!!