Sammael (Land speeder)
= 205pts

- plasma pistol, space marine bike
= 165pts


10 Tactical Marines
- power weapon, meltabombs (sergeant)
- flamer, lascannon
- plasma pistol
= 210 points

6 Ravenwing attack squadron
- power weapon (sergeant)
- flamer, flamer
- apothecary, company banner
- Attack bike/Multimelta
= 285pts


10 Scouts
- 9 snipers, 1 missile launcher
= 210pts

Heavy support

= 85pts

= 85pts

10 Devastator squad
- missile launcher, plasma cannon
- missile launcher, plasma cannon
= 255pts

41 Models
1500 pts

Well as you can see the army includes a lot of blast potential.
I have played a lot games with whirlwinds and I have to say they own! They are cheap, usually get a lot kills with them and i don't cry when they are destroyed..

One thing that i will be using a lot is combat squads. Devastators, one plasma cannon and one missile launcher in each squad.

Tactical squad: Flamer, Sgt offensive. The other half will be stand and shoot if not something else happens of course.

Ravenwing attack squadron:
Interrogator-chaplain will be in this squad supporting it.
Now here we have a squad with potential, good toughness and apothecary.
two weapons that has power weapon! Multimelta to blast away some though tanks, two flamers for the big squads and in cover.

Scouts: Splitting it in to two squads. Get a good spot, infiltrate them somewhere.

Sammael: One though ****** a lot of shots and good hit rate.

Well what do you guys think about this list? it will be used in randomized missions versus friends. And they usually play IG/DH, Eldars and Orcs.

Comments? =)