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Thread: filthy BP lists

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    filthy BP lists

    Recently my school took part in a 4 a team tourny. I had no idea what our 40K team armys were until the deployed for their fist game. It was horrible. I've decided to post their list here to see what you think. ( 3 of them were space marines, one was eldar not sure if i can post it here but I will risk it as it was the filthyest!)

    land speeder spam list. ( we had two of these)

    10 man tac. squad w/ flamer and ML and razorback w/ twin linked HB

    4 land speeders with 2 HB
    1 land speeder with 1 HB

    don't remember how they were split.

    heavy bolter spam list

    The same tac. squad above
    3 devestators squads (sp?) w/ max heavy bolters ( I think)

    Eldar war walkers spam

    1 squad of jet bikes ( not sure about weapons or size)
    5 war walkers w/ 2 scatter lasers

    They lost points because the lists were unfair which cost them first place!

    Army W/D/L
    WoC 8/3/5
    Spikey is better!

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    I don't think Eldar is that unfair. yes, the seem to excell greatly at small point list, but I've learned that Space marine doom is an Eldar list, and Eldar doom is an Orky list.

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