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    white scars 1500pts friendly

    Kor’sarro khan (Moondrakkan) 215pts
    Chaplain (Space Marine Bike) 135pts 340
    Dreadnought (Heavy Flamer) Assault Cannon, Drop pod 160pts 500
    Space Marines, Locator beacon, Drop pod 215pts 715
    Space Marines, Locator beacon, Drop pod 215pts 930
    Space Marines Bike Squad, Twin Flamers 150pts 1080
    Space Marines Bike Squad, Twin Meltaguns 160pts 1240
    Fast Attack
    Vanguard 2 plasma pistols, 2 power weapons, Relic Blade 250 pts 1490
    any advice on the final 10 pts??
    plan is to use the Outflank ability on my bikers
    then drop pod my space marines near a unit
    deep strike my Vanguard Veterans using the drop pods inbuilt homer and use their Heroic Intervention ability

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    Hmm.. I'd put a locator beacon on the dreads pod aswell.. this way you have the option of throwing it in on first turn instead of one of the tactical squads and still let the Vanguard arrive without scatter.. I guess I'd also remove the plasmapistols from the vanguard (don't like Vanguard with jumppacks that much and especially not if they're melting themselves), but you didn't ask for changes just what to spend the last 10 pts on.. so yea

    You could always give the chaplain digital weapons or something like that.. I'd also consider getting PW/PF for your bike squads and maybe also tacticals.. Your bikes will be lead by Kor'sarro and a Chaplain.. both characters who boosts a squads killing power in CC, why not boost it further? especially on your flamer bike squad that is like bound to either assault or get assaulted..
    And since you said you'd drop the tacticals close to the enemy they are likely to get in trouble aswell.. Denying an enemys save always helps out..

    Also I assume you'll be adding Kor'sarro to the flaming bike squadron.. I love this.. Flame away, charge, run away, flame again! now on enemies that are closer together as they've just been in CC wee.. love it

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