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    What do you think of my army list

    What do you think of my black templars army?Is it efficient against chaos
    20 space marines 2 flam 2 roket
    1 emperor champion
    1 black templars chaplain with holy relic and 3 getrudes(i dont remember his name
    2 land speeders one with typhoon with melta other with assault cannon and multi melta
    1 land raider
    10 grey knights 2flamers
    5 grey knights terminators holocaus
    5 close combat terminators with claws
    Inquisitor( with hammerhand and scourging),2 familiars
    1 predator 2 lasers and autocanon
    5 man imp guard hq
    20 guardians flamers
    leman russ 3 heavy bolters and main canon
    And i have 1 more questions

    1.when i have 2 armour saves can i use both or i have to choose one the best

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    First off, I've moved this to the Daemonhunters Army List sub-forum.

    Now, I can't help but wonder if you've read your codex. I notice a few things right off the bat that are illegal about your army. For one thing, you can't have Space Marines AND Imperial Guardsmen (I assume by "Guardians" you meant "Guardsmen" above) in the same Daemonhunters army, according to codex rules.

    Also, if I'm not mistaken, you can't have anything other than "vanilla" marines in the army, so no Black Templars, but I could be mistaken on that.

    Finally, I only see one Daemonhunters troops choice, the 10 Grey Knights. For a legal list, you MUST have a minimum of one HQ (which you have) and TWO troops units from the parent army (Daemonhunters in this case), for the army to be "legal." Now, if you want the Templars to be the "parent" army, that's different, and if that's the case, you might even want to post this in the Space Marines army list sub-forum, too.

    I'm not trying to rain on your parade. There are some good units in there, but I'd strongly advise you to go through all the relevant codices (borrow them from friends. Works for me sometimes) to get a better idea of what units cost in points, wargear, etc. Then you should figure out what the "parent" army is going to be, then go from there. How many points do you want this army to be? What do you want the army to do? Shooty? Assault? Mech? Footslogging? Answering these questions will help you a lot.

    Good luck!
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    This looks more like a list of everything you have. From it you can construct valid army lists but as it is right now, it is not valid. You need one main army (the 'parent' army) and you can use some of the others as allies. Also you can only have 1 ally so its either:

    Daemonhunter (main) + Imperial guards (Inducted allies)
    Black Templars (main) + Daemonhunter (allies)
    Imperial guards (main) + Daemonhunter (allies)

    The format of each is somewhat different with certain restrictions. Unfortunately you cannot have all 3 in the same army (or at least, in a legal army). Maybe you can decide which to be your main army and which to be the allies and we can go from there.

    1. You use the best one armor save.

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