1500 Daemonhunters / Kroot - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Festo Diata TwoHats's Avatar
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    1500 Daemonhunters / Kroot

    Obviously this list won't be usable in tournament play, but it has been quite competitive in friendly games.

    180---------Grand Master - Holocaust, Storm Shield
    258---------Land Raider - Smokes, Extra Armor
    257---------8 Grey Knights - 2 Incinerator, Justicar - Targeter, Frags, Ungents of Warding
    286---------8 Grey Knights - 2 P-Cannon, Justicar - Targeter, Ungents of Warding
    22----------Inquisitor - Bolter, Targeter
    86----------Henchmen - 3 Veterans - Plasma Rifles, 2 Sage, Mystic
    120---------Callidus Assassin
    70----------Lance Strike
    221---------20 Kroot Mercenaries - Shaper - Veneration Charm, Eviscerator

    1500 Points; it's a little different from standard Daemonhunter set-up, but I love the way it plays, especially the way the units complement eachother. The Inquisitor and Retinue deploy around the Land Raider to protect it from Space Marine Melta Combat Squads in Drop Pods.. it's the only defense against the automatic first turn Melta attack I can think of.

    Anyway, thoughts? Any input is valuable. Thanks!


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    There used to be a section in the 4th ed. FAQ for Daemonhunters that said Kroot cannot be allies... but it looks like they forgot to include that into the 5th ed. FAQ/ERRATA. This could be because you can't really find the kroot merc rules on the website anymore anyways (kind of like how the Chaos Dwarves disappeared from the GW site as well). So, yeah, you're playing with fire by choosing them as allies.

    As far as the list goes, it seems decent enough, though I'm not a fan of the Lance Strike in the list.

    If you do take the Kroot, I think you should have a hound pack instead of the Carnivore squad. You could then put Blood of the Stalker & Hyperactive Nymune Organs on them and get a first turn charge on something with a LOT of attacks.

    The callidus is the second thing that I would change from the list. She's just way too expensive for what she does, even considering "A word in your ear..." .

    Just some ideas.
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    Sup Twohats,

    You need more anti-tank. I'm not a proponent of Holocaust but that's because I've never used it. The 2 incinie's on you PAGK's are more than adequate for taking on greenskins and their likes. Instead I give my GM Hammerhand to deal with Dreadies and tougher vehicles.

    You might also want to consider a Plasma Cannon for your henchmen. When a unit DS's, it's usually bunched up real nice and tight....just ripe for a plasma pie.

    Personally, I'd keep away from the Orbital Strikes mainly because of its inaccuracy and the ease of avoiding it, but then again, I've never really used it.

    Not too familiar with the Kroot Mercs, but if they're anything at all like their Tau counterparts, chances are they're gonna get shot up real good and break real easy in CC if they lose. But I guess they're what makes your army unique.

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