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Thread: 2000 Joanits

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    2000 Joanits

    ok i made this army list basing on my current models.


    195-Capitan Grey Beard
    bike,storm shield,Artificer armour,relic blade

    100-Librarian Thanus


    250-squad RBT25mi
    10xSM(combat squads) with:
    Power fist, Meltagun,Missle launcher
    in Rihno(EA)

    255-squad RDS24mi
    10xSM(combat squads) with:
    Power fist,flamer, Plasma cannon
    in Razorback(EA)

    195-squad RDA6bs
    5xBikes with:
    Power fist,2xPlasma gun


    land speeder with:
    Heavy flamer and Multi-melta

    land speeder with:
    Heavy flamer and Multi-melta


    5xTerminators with Heavy flamer

    200-"Cortez" squad
    5xAssault Terminators

    290-"Lexus" squad
    8xsternguards with:
    Power fist,2xCombi-Meltagun,Heavy flamer
    in Drop pod"Avarest"(Locator beacon)


    85-"Victor"Predator Destructor(sponsons Heavy bolters)

    85-"Destroyer"Predator Destructor(sponsons Heavy bolters)
    I had a little problem with tacticals. I didn't know how to upgread them. I was thinking about changenig missle launcher for Plasma cannon or to make one 10xSm in rihno with PF ,flamer and 10xSm in Razorback with Power fist,flamer, Plasma cannon. what are your's opinions?


    Ok lets go
    Capitan helps bike's or any other troop

    libraian teleport A.Terminators near drop pod in first turne, after that he stays with them or run to shooting terms and starts to teleport them to better position.

    sterngurds in drop pod,terminators,A.terminators,transportes nad librarian makes wall between enemy and my scorings. Where is going to be this wall? It deepends of terrain and enemy.

    predators keeps flanks and with marines supports wall

    land speeders probably flanking or center attack. Theirs tasks are. Destroy tanks, support with heavy flamers, and guard scoring if something wonts to fly over wall.

    bikers are mobile scorings and they helps to keep obj.

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