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Thread: 2000 point DA

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    2000 point DA

    here is my first attempt at a DA 2000 point army :

    Interrogator Chaplain

    Command Squad-
    Sacred Symbol
    plasma pistol, power sword
    bolt pistol, power fist
    Plasma gun
    Razorback (Heavy Bolter)

    6 man company veteran squad with 2 storm bolters and combi-flamer

    5 man scout squad with sniper rifles

    dreadnought with muti-melta and flamer

    5 man assault squad, Sgt with power sword

    4 land Speeders 1 with assault cannon, 1 with meta, typhoon and 1 HB

    10 man tac squad with heavy bolter, Sgt chainsword and plasma pistol

    10 man tac squad with las cannon, Sgt with power sword and bot pistol

    10 man tac squad with plasma cannon, Sgt with power sword and bolt pistol

    5 man devastator squad with las cannon, plasma cannon and missile launcher

    predator with autocannon, lascannon sponsons, pintle mounted storm bolter and hunter killer

    whirlwind with pintle storm bolter and hunter killer

    any suggestions to improve it would be welcome, I'm just wondering about its weaknesses or whatever.

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    I love playing my Dark Angels and my only issues with this list are tha I'd ditch power swords for fists, just in case you need to pop a rhino or get charged by a wraith lord. Also company veterans shouldn't be run in squads of 6 members 8 and up is the way to go. Hope this helped and wish you success on the table.

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    I worry that you do not have enough armour. I count Razorback, Dread, Speeders, Whirly, & Pred. That's only four targets for your opponent's anti-armour guns - potentially all gone first turn. I suggest rhinos for all your squads. Not only will it provide more targets but it will also give your squads increased mobility to get to grip with the enemy, dash for objectives, or create rhino walls to limit TLOS. Or if you know you are going to combat squad the tacticals and leave the heavy weapons behind, go for Razorbacks for that little extra punch. I would also suggest breaking up your Ravenwing Support Squad into two. Let the TML & HB do crowd control while the MM & AC punch armour (hoping for those rending rolls on the AC) and heavy infantry.

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