1500 - Combined Arms "Blitzkrieg" - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 - Combined Arms "New Codex"

    I am trying to do a mix of tanks supported by mechanized infantry and aircrafts. These is the minimun size that I think that can work.

    HQ 120
    Company Command Squad w/ Missile Launcher
    Chimera w/ Heavy Bolters

    TROOPS 420
    3x Veterans Squads w/ Missile Launchers
    3x Chimeras w/ Heavy Bolters

    3x Vendettas w/ twin-linked Lascannons

    3x Leman Russ Battle Tank w/ hull-mounted Heavy Bolters & sponsons Plasma Cannons

    Kill points: 14
    Scoring Units: 3
    Officers: 1

    9x twin-linked Lascannons
    3x Battlecannons
    4x Missile Launchers
    6x Plasma Cannons
    11x Heavy Bolters

    Heavy Vehicles: 3
    Medium Vehicles: 3
    Light Vehicles: 4
    Squads: 4

    In my opinion, the main weakness is the few scoring units. But I think that can be ok if the infantry fight from inside the transports or in cover in the rear. In the worst case I use "going to ground" and the order "Incoming!" for get +1/+2 to cover save. Clear the objetives with long-mid range fire 3-4 turns and use the surviving Vendettas and/or Chimeras for score with the veterans and/or at least contest objetives in the last turns. If the mission is kill points, I think that can be a little easer than scoring and focuse on defense keeping the infantry inside the Chimeras and the Leman Russ for cover them.

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    Light on bodies, but heavy in firepower. I like that all the armor forces your opponents to really pick their poison, as it would be extremely difficult for any list to bring enough anti-tank firepower to neutralize all your tanks.

    You're rather light on scoring units. You've got plenty of transports to try and contest objectives though, so it could be viable to use your Troops carefully to seize a couple objectives and just try to contest the rest with tanks.

    I feel like you're not taking full advantage of the Hardened Vets though, considering they're only carrying around a missile launcher. I'd probably look to trade that out and get them the full 3 special weapons instead, to really maximize their firepower. That Chimera's top hatch has 5 fire points, might as well take advantage. Even without cutting anything else, you could swap the missile launcher for three(!) grenade launchers, and I think you could certainly afford to part with one of your expensive Russes or a Vendetta to free up more points. Depending on how you tweak things, you could even end up with enough points for another Veteran Squad to give yourself some extra breathing room.
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