Ok here's my Tanith list, it's high on the characters because I felt some of them represented the tanith characters decently.

HQ: 330

Colonel Commissar Gaunt

power sword, camo cloak

Company Command
Varl (Straken)
Medic, vox, 2 flamers, Camo cloaks
Soric (Astropath)

Mkvenner (Marbo)

Troops: 2130

Platoon Command S
Scout Sergeant Mkoll (Al'rahem)
2 flamers, vox, medic
S-1 meltagun, missile launcher, vox
Commissar Hark w/power weapon, plasma pistol
S-2 meltagun, missile launcher, vox
Sgt. w/power weapon
S-3 flamer, heavy bolter, vox
Sgt. w/power weapon
S-4 flamer, vox
Sgt. w/power weapon
S-S1 2 flamers, demo charge
S-H1 3 Autocannons

Platoon Command E
Meryn (Cheknov)
2 flamers, vox, medic
E-1 Flamer, heavy bolter, vox
Commissar Ludd w/power weapon
E-2 Grenade launcher, missile launcher, vox
E-3 Grenade launcher, missile launcher, vox
E-H1 3 Autocannons
E-H2 3 Autocannons
E-H3 3 missile launchers
E-H4 3 missile launchers

3 meltas, autocannon, vox
Bragg (Harker)

3 plasmaguns, missile launcher
Forward Sentries

3 meltas, missile launcher, vox
Forward Sentries, Demolitions
Sgt/ w/power weapon

3 sniper rifles, heavy bolter
Forward Sentries

Basic idea is to have E platoon along with the plasma and sniper veterans to form a fire base and protect the home front with the melta vets going up the middle (Harker's squad infiltrating into a good position) to capture any objectives in the center of the field.

Gaunt and Varl's squads will most likely go with the vets but depending on the mission they may stay near the fire base to order people around. Gaunt's aura of discipline and Varl's orders will make a nice tandem. Also I don't have to worry about Gaunt shooting Varl since he's fearless. Soric (the astropath) is there to make sure Mkoll's unit arrives where it needs to be.

Mkoll's platoon will (has to) out flank and will be coming from the board edges to apply pressure on the enemy, blow up stuff and capture any objectives that are close enough to the board edge.

MkVenner is just there to eliminate targets of opportunity (like throwing the demo charge on a bunch of termies that just deep struck)

Their are heavy weapons on the outflanking platoons just in case they end up on the wrong side of the board they'll have the range to still do something. And the autocannon team is to get rear/side shots on any over zealous vehicles and walkers or at the very least make the enemy think a little bit harder about target priority.

Land Raiders will have a field day against this list as the only way I can reliably destroy them would be to run up with the meltas. Usually I can keep a single land raider busy or just simply ignore them but when it gets 2-4 is when I'm basically just screwed.

I still have 45 points left which could be put towards melta bombs for S platoons squad leaders (and even krak for the special/heavy if I felt so inclined) or a body guard or two, another advisor, or a mixture of them or a single priest. In my 4ed list I had melta bombs on every sgt. of a flamer squad so I could have a shot at taking out a vehicle. What do you think?