I thought it might be fun to do a list thread based on whatever the weeks topic is. Anyone who wants too can post up a fun, cheesy or fluff driven list here, and the best ones can be posted in thread on a sunday night.

Any way, here's a odd little list I've been toying with today, for use against a friends drop pod list;

Vulkan; 190
Cannoness; Book of St Lucius - 50

5 CC Terminators; 5x TH/SS - 200
-LR Reedemer; Multi Melta - 250
Inquistor; 1xAcolyte, 2xMystic, 2xHierophant, Psychic Hood - 72pts

10 Tactical; Flamer, Multi Melta, Power Weapon - 185
10 Tactical; Meltagun, Multi Melta, Power Fist - 195

5xStormtrooper; 2xMeltagun - 70pts
6 x Dominon Squad; Vet Superior, 4xFlamer, Imagifier - 136pts
- Immolator; Holy Promethium - 75pts

2xVindicator; Siege Shield - 250pts
Whirlwind; 85pts


The LR and Immolator race down the flanks for fiery justice, while the Inquisitor sits behind either the Whirlwind or Vindicators, giving them free shots against deep striking troops.