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Thread: 1500, Mixed

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    1500, Mixed

    An entire infantry list just doesn't suit my play style, gotta have some mobility too it. So I set up this list with the intentions of fighting the fight all over the battlefield, and of course having some good protection on my side of the board too. Mainly I play against Marines and Orcs.

    -Company Command Squad, Master of Ordnance, Camo Cloaks, 4 X Sniper Rifles

    -Veterans, 3 X Melta Gun
    -Veterans, Heavy Flamer, 2 X Plasma Gun, Power Fist, Forward Sentries
    -Infantry Platoon, Command Squad w/Auto Cannon, 5 X Infantry Squad w/Auto Cannon, 1 Heavy Weapons Team w/Lascannons, 1 Heavy Weapons Team w/Auto Cannons

    Fast Attack

    Leman Russ Exterminator, Heavy Bolter Sponsons
    Leman Russ Demolisher

    Total = 1500

    The veteran squads will go in the vendettas, one is obviously set up for troop hunting and the other for vehicle hunting. I gave the one squad the power fist and forward sentries because I expect that unit to get assaulted, so it is a good counter assault set up. The command squad is just set up for sitting back and shooting away and gave them the camo cloaks so they should be pretty safe while giving orders out.

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    I'm sure your list is tailored to your meta (SM & Orks) and your choices are thus justified with your normal opponents. I'm also assuming that the Vendettas and LRBT's are not taken as squadrons.

    As far as I'm concerned, it looks tight. I'm still personally afraid of the vulnerabilities inherent in a HWS. Protect them well!

    Also, I love your CCS build for a 1.5k point match. Hide em in some cover with snipers and an Advisor calling down hell from above. Its not the most efficient, but darn its cool.

    Don't forget about the command radius of a CCS found on page 30, half way down under the section Senior Officer
    Tolarian VIIth Armored Company (5k IG), GK(2.5k), Necron (4k)

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