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    1500 point FFA. C&C needed

    I haven't had any experience with free for alls or multi way battles and would like some advice here as well. This is what I'm thinking of taking:

    Librarian: Gate & Avenger or Machine Curse - 100
    Support Fire Tactical Squad: full 10 man, ML, Plasma rifle - 185
    in Rhino - 35
    Assault Tactical Squad: full 10 man, Melta, Power Weapon - 195
    in Rhino - Free (See below)
    Assault Squad - 7 man, Power Weapon, Flamer - 161
    w Librarian + Gate of Infinity. (Free assault squad rhino goes to the above tac squad)
    Predator: AC, HB sponsons, hunter killer - 95
    This group would be normally deployed and hold close objectives and be more fire support and a floating assault squad to assist where it is needed

    Behind Enemy Lines
    Dreadnought: Multi Melta, Flamer - 115
    in Drop Pod: Locator Beacon - 45
    Terminators: standard, 5 man - 200
    Scouts: Bolters, heavy bolter - 85
    Assault Squad: 5 man, Powerfist, Flamer - 135
    Assault Squad: 5 man, Powerfist, Flamer - 135
    This group can either join the core depending on how the game would be played. The terminators & dread would always deepstrike in though regardless of mission.

    Total comes to 1486 points which allows a little room for toys but I'm not too sure what else would be worth taking?

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