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Thread: 1500 ig

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    1500 ig


    Company Command Squadron - 210
    Regimental Standard, 2x Plasmagun, Medi-pack
    Officer of the Fleet


    Marbo - 65

    Ratling Squad - 60
    6x Ratlings


    Infantry Platoon - 375
    ~Platoon Command - 2 Flamers
    ~Infantry Squad A - Heavy Bolter, Flamer
    ~Infantry Squad B - Heavy Bolter, Flamer
    ~Infantry Squad C - Heavy Bolter, Flamer
    ~Special Weapons Squad A - 3x Meltagun
    ~Special Weapons Squad B - 3x Meltagun
    ~Heavy Weapons Squad - 3x Missile Launcher

    Veterans Squad - 190
    Heavy Flamer, 2x Flamer

    Penal Legion - 80

    Penal Legion - 80

    Penal Legion - 80

    Fast Attack

    Valkaryie - 140
    Multiple Rocket Pods, Hull Heavy Bolters

    Heavy Support

    Basilisk - 125

    Infantry Count: 104 Models
    Vehicle Count: 3 Models
    Total Points: 1500/1500

    Well here it is, a list i have been working on for a couple of days now, and let me take a moment to explain my choices.

    HQ - We have a Company Command squad. These guys will hand out around the infantry Squad in thier mobile pillbox aka Chimera. The Officer is mostly just an order machine, while we have a standard to re-roll tests if need be, along with 2 plamsaguns to spread the love should the enemy get too close, and a medic to help with those pesky 'gets hot' rolls. In addition, we have an Astropath to help with my reserves, while the Officer of the Fleet will screw with my opponents rolls if any, and otherwise be an extra wound for the squad.

    Elite - Rambo dimean Marbo is a rather obvious choice as a mobile Demolition Pack carrier, and if he takes anything else out in the process, more power to him. The Ratlings are here to help with high toughness infantry, such as the odd nob squad or plaguemarines.

    Troop - Firstly we have the firing line of the Infantry Platoon, ready with heavy bolters to help with ranged enemies, and flamers to help when things get a little too close for comfort. The Melta guns are an added insurance policy should anything too tough get to close, and to take shots at any outflanking vehicles, ie Rhinos, Valks, ect. The Veterans under the command of Bastonne will be DS via the Valk behind enemy lines, to make use of the flamer and meltabomb love, as well as the demopack that comes with the mix. The three squads of Penal Legionaires are here for outflanking/objective grabbing along with the veterans

    Fast - We have a Valkarie, kitted out to help with massive hordes or infantry where need be, while being mobile.

    Heavy - Finally, we end our tour with the Basilisk, the staple of pieplates for many years, and hopefully many years to come as well.

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