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    1500 space wolves, second attempt

    Ok this is the second attempt at making a competative 1500 take all comers list.

    It retains its overall agressive feel, yet boasts a slightly larger unit number, and flexibility.

    I am still concerned by speedy eldar armies, and am hoping that multi assault cannons, and concentration of forces will possibly defend me from such dangerous and manuverable armies.

    Changes include, swapping a podded grey hunters unit for a larger more efficient blood claws unit.

    Taking a rhino for the grey hunters at the cost of a man and a plasma gun (as i thought the added durability would offset the danger of the plasma gun, and the loss of a model, while adding mobility, and a cool model "every marine army needs one rhino chasis")

    Dropping the land speeder tempest for a unit of wolf scouts and a pack leader, as these seem more appropriate for the force and dangerous to the enemy (further protection from fire power armies hugging the backline), along with packing a melta gun for aditional anti tank (that many have suggested im lacking)

    Tweaked the terminator squad, adding durability at the cost of 2 power weapons and a fist, making the squad have a more specific role, while still leaving them with enough CC ability to not fear much.

    Lost extra armour from the land raider, as i needed a few points here and there, and it only protects from a 1 in 6 result.

    Wolf guard battle leader – terminator armour, power fist, assault cannon = 125
    Venerable dreadnought – assault cannon, extra armour, smoke launchers = 163
    Drop pod = 35

    Blood claws – 9 – 2 power fists, flamer = 156
    Drop Pod = 35
    Grey hunters – 7 – 6 bolters, power fist = 140
    Rhino = 50
    Blood claws – 11 – 3 power fist = 190

    Wolf Guard:
    1 – termy armour – power weapon, storm shield, runic charm
    2 – termy armour – power weapon, storm shield, runic charm
    3 – termy armour – storm shield, assault cannon, runic charm
    4 – termy armour – storm shield, assault cannon, runic charm
    = 220
    Drop Pod = 35
    Wolf guard pack leader – power fist = 45
    Wolf scouts – 4 – melta gun = 66


    Land raider redeemer = 240

    Total = 1500

    Hope you guys like the changes

    Critisism welcome.

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    Not bad. My one critique is having the WGBL with a powerfist. I'd give him a frost blade so he can abuse his I5, and then use the left over points to change one of the power weapons on his wolf guard to a powerfist. You may think you want to have him use a fist for the nice bunch of s8 attacks, but when he dies before he gets to attack due to some I4 power weapons or bad dice rolling you'll think "maybe I should have given him a frost blade so he could have killed a bunch of these guys before they killed him".
    40K armies: Tyranids (2001), Space Wolves (2008), Sisters of Battle (2011)
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