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    3 Getrudes Frank Fugger's Avatar
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    2000pts SPESS MEHRENS

    A continuation of a 1500pt list I did a while back, except that one had Scouts and this one doesn't. Instead it has Tactical Squads and Devastators:

    HQ - 290
    Jump-Pack Chaplain
    Jump-Pack Epistolary w/ Force Dome & Might of Ancients

    Troops - 605
    SPESS MEHRENS, +5 extra, Meltagun & ML, Sgt w/ Powerfist, Rhino - 235
    SPESS MEHRENS, +5 extra, Flamer & ML, Sgt w/ power weapon - 185
    SPESS MEHRENS, +5 extra, Flamer & ML, Sgt w/ power weapon - 185

    Fast Attack - 215
    Assault MEHRENS, +5 extra, Sgt w/ powerfist - 215

    Heavy Support - 798
    Land Raider w/ extra armour
    Land Raider Crusader w/ extra armour & multimelta
    Devastator MEHRENS, +3 extra, 2x Lascannon, 2x Plasma Cannon, Sgt w/ chainsword - 258

    The idea is Tactical Squads 2 & 3 go in the Land Raiders and roam around looking for objectives to steal, while the Librarian and Chaplain join forces to give me a Fearless Assault Squad with a 5++ save (provided the Librarian's head doesn't explode) and the Devastators sit in cover and shoot, or alternatively sit in the open and draw fire. I'm not sure about mixing 48" Lascannons and 36" Plasma Cannons in a squad that can't move and shoot; would Missile Launchers be better maybe?

    Any C&C welcome, sirs

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    The Future realitycheque's Avatar
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    Get the full 10 Devs - then you could have 2 combat squads which would get rid of your different range problem, and stop them being wiped out in one go should you get unlucky. You could get the points by dropping the lascannons down to missile launchers, and you'd still have some lascannon joy on the landraider.
    My Deathwatch Campaign
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    Senior Member Lord Ramon's Avatar
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    'realitycheque' has a good idea for your Devs. Combat squadding them makes sense.

    As for two Raiders. You will only be able to mooch about at 6" speed if you want to maximise your firepower. How about losing the LR for a Pred, and 2 Rhinos?

    Is 3 Troops enough for 2k? Of course, Combat Squadding will allow you to attack and defend, but 5man units are fragile and much easy to destroy. I think you could afford to lose one HQ for more Troops. Maybe your Scouts again.

    Lord Ramon

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