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    1850 Crimson Fists For Review

    Take a look at this list I plan on running in the next local tourney and tell me what you think:

    175 Pedro
    140 Librarian (terminator armour; storm shield)
    210 Tac. Sqd. (10 man; Sgt. P-fist; meltagun; lascannon)
    40 Razorback (TL H-bolter)
    205 Tac. Sqd. (10 man; Sgt. P-weapon; meltabomb; meltagun; lascannon)
    40 Razorback (TL H-bolter)
    145 Ironclad (Chainfist; h-flamer; meltagun)
    35 Drop Pod (for the dred)
    320 Terminator Assault Sqd. (8man; Thunder hammers & Storm shields)
    115 Vindicator
    115 Vindicator
    270 Devastator Sqd. (10 man; 4x Plasmacannons)
    40 Razorback (TL H-bolter)
    1850 total

    I am expecting all different opponents, with a particular expectation of Tyranid, Chaos Deamons, and Marines. The Librarian will set up on the board with Gate and Null Zone as his powers. He will be attached to the Terminators and will Gate 1st turn (quicker and more dependable than deep strike). Tell me what you think....or any changes you see fit....

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    i've got a couple of comments on the list. It looks pretty good, but youre missing some big essentials. At 1850, usually 2 Tactical squads is not enough for tournament play. Remember that 2/3 of your missions have objectives, and while you can combat squad ur squads, 5 marines holding an objective is risky. You normally want 3 tactical squads for 1850 tournament play, or even a scout squad i suppose.

    Also, the vindicators should get some extra little protection in Extra Armour. I would take out 1 Terminator to provide you the 30 points required for that, giving you 10 points for maybe 2 Dozer Blades on them too, to make sure u dont get stuck somewhere u dont want.

    Also, the Gate is a decent idea, but remember you use the Deep Strike rules when using the skill, so you wontget to charge. You'll be throwing a really expensive unit into the front of your forces with no weapons to fire and no where to really go. Your Librarian is also not an Episolary, so you can only use one power per turn, meaning if you gate first turn, then you cant even use the Null Zone.

    I think there might be some things you need to reconsider in your list
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