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    First game 500 pnts

    So I played my first tourny game.
    This was my 500 point list.

    HQ- SM Captain

    Troop1- Space Marine(1 Flamer, ML
    T1 deployed w/Rhino

    Troop2- Space Marine(5)Melta Bombs

    Heavy- Predator w/AC and 2xhvy bolters

    End up fighting Eldar in a last man standing mission.
    Exarch w/warp pack and fusion gun, Dire Aspects, Fire dragons sarg had fire pike, and pathfinder rangers w/sniper rifles

    The rangers were wicked, they got AP1 hits on 5-6 hits and rend on 5-6 wounds. My predator thinned out the aspects and dragons before it was destroyed by the exarch(he was already wounded and died in the explosion,haha). I had split troop 1, and it came down to the cbt squad w/ml and my Capt vs the rangers. we were both positioned under cover 33" apart. Not wanting the game to go on forever I circled round to close. my capt.was the sole survivor and ended up assaulting 5 rangers all by himself. He won the fight and shot the last two as they fell back. With 1 wound left my capt was truly the last man standing.

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    Thats an awesome story haha, I could imagine it all unfolding. I would advise to drop the ML for a HB or drop the Flamer for a Plasma. Tac squads typically come in three kits: HB and Flamer for troops/hordes, Melta and Melta for tanks and armor, or Plasma and ML for a decent mix. In such a small points game, It probably wouldn't have made the difference, and the predator really helped you out. Decent list man!

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    Gregron, that sounds like an exciting game for a small points limit. I love small games for that very reason--every little thing that happens can have a big impact on the game. When there's twenty missile launchers firing all over the place and half of them miss but three vehicles are destroyed in one turn, that's one kind of fun. But when you only have a single missile launcher in your force and the enemy has a light tank, and after two turns of maneuvering you only get ONE SHOT to take it out...that's fun on a whole other level! Know what I mean?

    Anyway, thanks for the quick take on your tournament game. Did you have any other games in that tournament?
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