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    1750 army first time with new codex


    Lord Commissar- boltgun, Power fist, Carapace armour.


    2 Storm Trooper Squads-
    2 sergeants- boltguns
    1 Flamer and 1 Plasma Gun Each
    one Ogryn Squad


    1st platoon

    Platoon Command Squad-
    Joined by Commissar with power fist
    one Guardsmen with vox
    one Guardsmen with heavy flamer

    Heavy weapons squad with heavy bolters

    5 infantry squads-
    joined by Commissar
    1 flamer Each
    1 vox each
    1 plasma gun each

    2nd Platoon

    Platoon Command Squad-
    joined by commissar

    2 Heavy weapons squad
    one heavy bolter
    one missile launcher

    2 Veteran Squad
    one sergeant with shotgun
    one heavy flamer
    1 Melta gun each
    1 Sniper Each

    Heavy support

    2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks
    2 heavy bolters
    1 pintle-mounted heavy stubber

    Total: 1755

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    Heya mate,

    HQ: He's looking cool. A little on the expensive side but he's a cool option.

    Storm Troopers are alright but very exensive. Idealy they're suited to a close quater firefight role. Plasma Guns keep with their rapid firing anti heavy infantry role so if you can equip them with plasma. If not give one squad flamers and the other squad plasma. This way each squad has a defined role. I'd keep the hell pistol rather than buy a boltgun keep the AP3!!!

    1st Platoon:
    Command squads heavy flamer is seriously overpriced. You can buy FOUR flamers for the price on one heavy flamer. I'd rather have the 4 flamers. What about you?
    I'm a bit confused to your infantry squads. Do they have a commissar, plasma. flamer and a vox in EACH squad? (they can only have one special weapon so...) Are you going to groop this squad together and have them run in one blob led by a commissar into the enemy guns? If so, good man.

    2nd Platoon:
    You need a minumum of 2 Infantry Squads here but you can steal 2 from the 1st platoon. I'd drop the comissar from the command squad and whack it in an infantry squad to give you the option of blobbing it together.

    Vet Squads:
    What are you wanting from these squads? You've got meltas and heavy flamers for up close and personal and a sniper for long distance. Tailor your squads for a specific role. Go for long distance death or short ranged death. Combining both elements just means they're wasting half their equiment. If you want to give your vets meltas or flamers give them a transport, they're gonna need it to get where they want to in one peice.
    Again, Heavy Flamers are so over priced. you can get a melta gun and 2 flamers for the same price.

    Giving a squad melta guns and flamers either means your wasting a flamer on a tank or you're wasting a melta gun on hoards. Try to keep the squads armament the same.

    Hope that helps a little anyway.

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    A Commissar Lord means you don't get any good orders. The Ld bubble is nice, but he's fairly soft in combat.

    I'm not a fan Commissars in infantry squads or platoon commands. The PCS is too small to be stuck in combat, and enemies tied up with your infantry are enemies that you can't shoot. A mob of 30 with a Commissar and heavy/special weapons can hold on to an objective all game, just be aware of the downsides of stubborn.

    Infantry squads can only have 1 special weapon, pick up some heavies to complement them. I like las/plas, auto/plas, auto/flamer, or auto/grenade.

    Mixing weapons in your HWS may not be a great idea. Missile Launchers, mortars, and heavy bolters don't really play well together. Go all or nothing with them. I don't like HWS much anyway, but with a Commissar Lord they can do well (pity you have nothing to give them orders).

    Stormies are failsauce. They're too expensive for too little benefit. If you run them, max out on plasma to help kill armored foes better, or go with meltas for a deep striking surprise.

    Ogryns are a nice tarpit, but really not capable of holding their own against any decent combat troops.

    Heavy Flamers are insanely overpriced.

    Vets look a little schizophrenic. They're cheap enough that you can afford to specialize. Either go full on shooty (auto or las, 3 plasma), tank-busting (3 meltas in a Valk or Chimera), or any other role you need. Currently you are very light on anti-tank.

    Russes look fine.
    Check out ==My== blog: www.bnhblog.blogspot.com

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    In the future are you going to get any special characters

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