Armored Infantry Themed 1750pt - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    Armored Infantry Themed 1750pt

    So, I got the idea to do an armored infantry theme, and wass wondering if this list has any competitive chance. I play UltraSmurfs, so Sicarius is not necessarily a must, but works into that. Aiming for a 1750 list.


    Captain Sicarius - 200pts
    Command Squad - 190
    -Company Champion
    -Power Weapon (x3)
    Mounted in a Razorback with TL Lascannon and Extra Armor - 90


    Tactical Squad - 170
    -10 Marines
    Mounted in Rhino with extra armor -50

    2nd Identical Squad - 220

    3rd Identical Squad - 220


    Predator -100
    -Heavy Bolters

    Predator - 100
    -Heavy Bolters

    Vindicator - 115

    Fast Attack

    Bike Squad - 285
    -8 Bikes
    -2 Meltaguns
    -Attack Bike with Multi-Melta

    Total: 1740

    This leaves me 10pts for something (not sure yet... maybe pull a power wepon out of Sicarius' squad and buy the Bike sarge a power fist).

    The main work would be using the predatpors to lay down antiinfantry fire, the bikes to tank hunt with the vindi, and of course the taq squads objective claiming. The command squad would act as a counter charge unit, with the razorback helping to shoot some tanks after it drops off its crew.

    I was thinking about trading the Bike squad for an assault squad mounted in a rhino (another counterchage unit) and a land speeder with a multimelta (as an antitank factor), but it seemed like I needed some more antitank than a speeder zipping around.

    I have not bought any of the transports or most of the bikes. I also haven''t built my command squad yet, so suggestions on equipment there is wonderful. Sadly, this list doesn't use the 10 termies and my dred, but I can live with that for it's theme. The other thing I wanted to add in were sniper scouts, but they didn't feel right in an all mechanized list. If only the land speeder storm could act as a dedicated transport!

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