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    3000 pt Army List need suggestions

    Hi Chaps,

    Have a 3000 pt battle coming up soon so I put together this list. Don't know who I will be playing yet, Probably Chaos, Orks, Eldar or Dark Eldar. I play Blood Ravens 3rd.

    Chapter Master Teminator Armor Master Crafted Annointed Daemonhammer Storm shield.
    Librarian(Upgraded) Terminator Armor Storm Shield Quickening Might of the Ancients.
    1 x 10 Tactical squad Melta-Gun Multi Melta PF Melta-bombs Rhino.
    1 x 10 Man Tactical Flamer Multi-Melta PF Melta-Bombs Rhino
    1 x 10 Man Tactical Plasma gun Plasma Cannon PF Melta Bombs. Rhino
    1 x 10 Man Tactical Flamer Lascannon PF Melta Bombs Drop Pod
    1 x 10 Man Sternguard 10 x Combi Meltas Melt-Bombs Drop Pod
    1 x Landraider
    1 x Predator Autocannon HvyBolters
    1 x Predator TL Lascannon Lascannon
    1 x Dreadnought Multi-Melta Hvy-Flamer Drop Pod
    1 x Dreadnought Assault Cannon Hvy-Flamer Drop Pod
    1 x Dreadnought Multi-Melta Hvy Flamer Drop Pod
    1 x Ironclad Melta-Gun Hvy Flamer Drop Pod

    What I plan to do is drop pod as much in on turn 1 as possible and wreck some of his vehicles before he has a chance to shoot. Then as it is a mini-apocalypse game we should get an asset apiece and I plan to take Flank March and send the armour. So hopefully if the dice go my way in turn 2 I should have all my force on the board. Plan also to let him take turn 1 as he won't have anything to shoot with. That will give me 5 turns shooting to his 4.

    The reason I have 5 Dreadnoughts is that they are going to be using the Apocalypse rules. Unfortunatly I there are not any formations which I like to use. Just to let you know I do have over:
    1 x Landraider Terminus
    2 x 10 Devestator 4 x ML 2 x Las 2 x Plasma Cannon.
    1 x Dreadnought any configuration
    2 x Landspeeders Assault Cannons Hvy Bolters
    2 x Landspeeders Multi-Meltas Hvy Flamers

    Any suggestions comments changes would be apprciated.

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