2000 - Attempt to be Competetive - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 - Attempt to be Competetive

    This is an attempt to build an army that is greater than the sum of its parts, and includes some redundancy.

    Company Command
    Camo Cloaks
    Regimental Standard
    Master of Ordnance

    Primarius Psyker

    Psyker Battle Squad
    +5 Psykers

    Camo Netting

    Sly Marbo

    Veteran Squad
    3 Grenade Launchers
    Heavy Bolter
    Forward Sentries

    Veteran Squad
    3x Melta Guns
    Gunnery Sergeant Harker

    Infantry Platoon
    Platoon Command Squad
    Missile Launcher

    Infantry Squad
    Plasma Gun

    Infantry Squad
    Plasma Gun

    Infantry Squad
    Plasma Gun

    Infantry Squad
    Plasma Gun
    Missile Launcher

    Infantry Squad
    Plasma Gun
    Missile Launcher

    Special Weapon Squad
    3x Flamers

    Hellhound - Devil Dog

    Leman Russ Battle Tank
    Heavy Bolter Sponsoon

    Leman Russ Battle Tank
    Hull Lascannon



    The idea is for Creed to hide in cover with his squad, taking advantage of the 3+ cover save and avoiding getting pinned so that the Advisor can rain down ordnance, while Creed issues orders.

    The Psyker Battle Squad will bunker down in their Chimera, and take advantage of the camo netting and some cover to get a 3+ save. Hopefully, this will be enough to stop it from taking damage, which would prevent them from using thier large blast shot. If they take damage and cannot shoot, they can still use the leadership reducing ability.

    The Veteran Squad with Harker will go tank hunting.

    The other Veteran Squad will be joined by the primarus psyker, and lay down high strength but high ap dakka with its three grenade launchers, heavy bolter, and 2d6 psyker shots.

    The Devil Dog will go tank hunting, if it hasn't already become a smoking wreck/fire magnet.

    The Russes will try to be as effictive as possible.

    The Basilisk will hopefully be able to take advantage of a squad with leadership 2 thanks to the Psyker Battle Squad. The only thing I can think of that should be able to avoid taking a pinning check at leadership 2 is 2+ save troops, which brings me to the last unit;

    Sly Marbo, who, thanks to the astropath, should enter the game quickly, and mess up a squad or two. Also, because his shooting is a sniper, he should also be able to force some low leadership pinning checks.

    Sly's demo charge combined with the Veteran Squad's demo charge should be enough to take care of terminators or other 2+ save models.

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    Assault squad is what? 50pts with 3 flamers? Why not break those guard squads into two platoons and have another Platoon command squad with 4 flamers instead of the assault squad. It's the same price. it has one more flamer AND you're getting another order.

    Other than that. The list looks like it can handle pretty much anything that gets thrown at it.
    Last edited by Lord Borak; May 20th, 2009 at 17:11.

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