first attempt new dex 2000 pt tourny - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    first attempt new dex 2000 pt tourny

    Command squad

    command squad
    3 pg

    infantry command squad
    4 gl

    2x10 man infantry squad gl

    2x 20 man infantry squad gl

    2 HW squads 1 AC and 1 ML

    2x 10 vets 3 pg
    melta bombs and demo upgrade

    2x1 vendetta

    Demolisher lc pc sponsins

    2x1 LR HB sponsins

    Plan is to outflank 2 vendettas with Vet squads and demolisher and hope with +2 reserve to have all come in turn two split the enemy. Rest of army forms gun line and uses orders to hold off enemy. addice would be greatly appreciated thanks.

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    Good list just a few things though:

    1) drop the lascannon on Creeds squad -you dont want to make them more of a target

    2) bodyguards would do better than a medic in creeds squad, or just take another advisor in the other CCS

    3) In CCS 2 drop at least 1 plasma gun

    4) in the PCS drop 2 grenade launchers or swap with barebones and 2 flamers, keep them 40 points max. Besides with the current loadout eack kill is downing someone important.

    5) What do you mean by 20 man infantry squads? you have 1 PCS so you can only have up to 5 10 man infantry squads that may be combined at deployment.

    6) See if you can get your infantry squads some heavy weapons

    Other than that it's an alright list. Good luck my friend.
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