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    1850 campaign army

    A few friends and i are having a small campaign ( 7 people) and Before we start on sat we need to have our lists finallised. the lists can't change until the conclusion on the campaign (final part will be a 5000 points each apoc) so it has to be able to handle a variety. I will explain our campaign below to help you understand my list

    in saying that though the campaign is slightly themed. guard are holding a defending a tech outpost on thenewly discovered world of volcanis. the techpriests are working to remove all the tech data and artifacts from the recently discovered plannet.

    unfortunatly for the guard its right in the path of a hive splinter fleet. the guard must hold the hive fleet at bay to allow the adeptus mechanicus to remove the artifacts and evacuate.

    there is also a small force of eldar that have been seen but their purpose is not know (actaully they are trying to prevent the humans from removing the artifacts as they were hidden from the humans by eldar long ago and because if the fleet is defeated it is likely to move off into the path of one of the eldar craftworlds.

    thus the story for the battle. there will be myself and one other imperial guard player (they like a very...mechanised force (veterans in chimeras with lots of leman russ as back up)

    2 eldar player (who fields lots of jetbikes and skimmers and light infantry) and 3 nid players.

    there are several battles all lined up, each player will face each opposing race player once (6 games each). each player has 3 bonus objectives to meet during the campaign to recieve up to 3 bonus during the final apoc match.

    with that in mind here is my list

    Defenders of InVoltis


    Command Squad -
    Vox caster, 3xSniper rifles, master of ordanance - 100


    Infantry Platoon1 - Command Squad -
    vox caster, power fist, Heavy Flamer, 2 flamers - 80
    - Infantry Platoon1 - vox caster, grenade launcher - 60
    - Infantry Platoon2 - vox caster, grenade launcher - 60
    - Infantry Platoon3 - vox caster, grenade launcher - 60
    - heavy Weapons squad - 3 autocannons - 75
    - heavy Weapons squad - 3 autocannons - 75

    Infantry Platoon2 - command squad - voxcaster - 35
    - Infantry Platoon1 - vox caster, grenade launcher - 60
    - Infantry Platoon2 - vox caster, grenade launcher - 60
    - heavy Weapons squad - 3 autocannons - 75
    - heavy Weapons squad - 3 autocannons - 75
    - heavy Weapons squad - 3 Missile launchers - 90

    Infatry Platoon3 - Command Squad - Voxcaster - 35
    - Infantry Platoon1 - vox caster, grenade launcher - 60
    - Infantry Platoon2 - vox caster, grenade launcher - 60


    Bane Wolf -

    Bane Wolf - 130

    Armoured Sentinal Squad - 3 sentinals, 3 x lascannons - 210


    Leman Russ Punisher -
    Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Heavy Stubber, Pask - 260

    2 Hydra flak tanks - 150 points

    Total Points = 1850

    Typically i expect to be looking at swarm armies from the nids. maybe one nidzilla list thus the army is ideally suited to putting out LOTS of firepower for taking out gaunts and stealers. ripper swarms can be handled by grenade launchers of the banewolfs if needed. i took bane wolfs over hellhounds because they can easily wound MC as well as little guys making them multi purpose reaction and control units rather than a dedicated swarm killer.

    the leman rus punisher if for a simple purpose. wipe out massed infantry. this thing will mow through squads like a scythe through wheat.

    the 2 hyrdas (Crimminal price) are to tear through any MC such as fex, Tyrant and guard or wraithlords. Or any skimmers they find (jetbike squad won't last long here)

    i've taken autocannons over heavy bolters for 2 reasons. 1 I LOVE autocannons. 2 they can deal with MC or high toughness better than heavy bolters and they can also be a threat to eldar vechiles. overall i feel autocannons will come out better off overall and are more adaptable than the heavy bolter for this cmpaign.

    one of the command squads is packing lots of flamer. this squad is to charge anythign that gets to close and roast it...then pile in to anythign that survived the roasting. i took the power fist instead of the power weapon since they will be striking after nids anyway and if i'm going to hit last anyway i might as well hit hard last. a suicide unit tbh but one that should pay for itself in both points and tactical value.

    the sentinals are for that little extra punch. they can put a serious dent in any tanks or MC they should meet. force invulnerables from tyrants or zanthropes and finally as theyare the armoured variety any gaunts or stealers should be tied up and finnished in CC with these guys without risk. (plus since i know so many people consider them a waste i'm taking them hoping my opponnent is of that mindset and ignores them until they make themselfs felt)

    the main command squad is to stand back and give orders. drop ordinance and snipe.cheap fluffy and not any major loss when it gets ripped to pieces

    i have 3 bonus objectives to meet over the course of 6 games.

    1 - kill 6 MC - sentinals can help with this and hydras will be very useful for this. 8 high strngth shots at a turn at somethign will turn it to mush sooner or slightly latter...i'm hoping for sooner. eldar wraithlords are counted for this purpose also.

    2 - win 3 matchs in a row. pretty straightforward

    3 - Kill all anemy HQ choices in 4 out of 6 battles

    if for any reason there are NO MC in the enemy army lists or less than 6 my 1st objective will be changed to kill over 400 enemy models

    rewards for completeing bonus objectives - 1 - free super heavy tank up to 600 points

    2 - free leman rusk tank squadron (3 tanks) +1 additional tank for each bonus victory in a row. ie 5 in a row = 5 leman russ tanks free

    3 - may upgrade each of my current lists army commanders to one of the special characters for no cost. ie my 3 platoon commanders could be upgraded. and my main commander also for no cost for the apoc battle.

    while these bonsu seem pretty much overpowering the guy runing the campaign has given simmilar objectives and goals to each one. he also has the bonus models for us if we get them... for example i know that at least ONE of the rewards for one of the nid players will be a heirophant. and the eldar havea titan

    so how does my list look in regards to what its facing and what i'm asking of it. i know my armour is quiet light butmore than sufficent for the vast majority of nid shooting and i'm mostly going to be on a staggered gunline. tbh not much in tactics. nids will race to my lines and i'll mow down as many as possible before thy reach me then hope its enought lol

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    Hey Kakashi

    This sounds like it will be a fun campaign to play. I quite like the list but there are a couple of things I would look at, especially playing against nids and eldar opponents. Firstly I would take some artillery, I don't know what models you have, but some griffons would lay out the hurt on nids and eldar. Personally I would drop the lemun russ and pask and add 3 x griffons. 3 x LRG blast a turn str 6 really messes up nids, and will cause more hurt than the russ, plus its cheaper at 225 points. Also I would possibly swap a bane wolf for a hellhound, longer range and still great against most nids and all eldar.

    Anyway good luck with the campaign

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    Infantry without heavy weapons = fail.

    Powerfist in PCS = fail. He won't be winning any combats.

    Armored Sentinels = fail.

    Punisher = fail.

    Voxes = fail.

    You can do a lot better.

    If you run infantry heavy, field Creed, he buffs such an army amazingly well. A Commissar Lord too, bossing around a bunch of Ld10 HWS is a wonderful thing.

    Always give your infantry heavy weapons, keep your PCS basic (couple flamers or GLs). HWS should either be autocannons, mortars, or lascannons. If running Creed and the Commissar, merge your infantry and use them to provide cover to your HWS.

    A couple outflanking Vets with meltas in Valks would help a lot against tanks, as would Devil Dogs.

    If you want to kill infantry, use an Eradicator or Collussus. Bug hordes will always have cover, so ignore it.
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