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    Lightening Strike, 2000 - compedative, testing/proxying

    Lightening Strike:

    Head Quarters

    Khan: 1, 205;

    Command squad: 5, 395;
    5x bikes, 5x storm shields, 4x melta-guns, 3x lighting claws, 1x thunder hammer.

    Captain: 1, 175;
    Relic Blade, combi-plasma, Bike.

    Command squad: 5, 395;
    5x bikes, 5x storm shields, 4x melta-guns, 3x lighting claws, 1x thunder hammer.


    Bikes: 5, 185;
    4x Bikes, 1x Attack Bike, 2x melta guns, 1x multi Melta.

    Bikes: 5, 185;
    4x Bikes, 1x Attack Bike, 2x melta guns, 1x multi Melta.

    Tactical Squad: 10, 210;
    1x melta-gun, 1x multi melta, 1x drop pod.

    Scouts: 10, 150;
    9x snipers, 1x heavy bolter.

    Fast Attack

    Attack bike: 1, 50;
    1x Multi-Melta.

    Attack bike: 1, 50;
    1x Multi-Melta.


    22 bikes, 10 Marines, 10 scouts: 52 wounds


    Deploy out of LOS, roughly in the middle of the board, except for the snipers, who deploy in cover. Going first or second, doesn't matter. Pick the best flank to attack, land the drop pod there, combat squad. Turbo boost the troop bikes. Move Command squads up, take support shots at the enemies near the tactical squad. Attack bikes will use the normal bike squads to pick up cover saves and blast transports. Tactical squad blasts enemey, depending on what they have. Snipers hit MCs or try to pin bad LD units.

    Turn two, command squads move up, ICs may change positions, both going to the strongest squad: because WS6, I6, S7, if the enemy has any tough targets. The bike squads and attack bikes move up to take down trasports and battle tanks. Tactical squad probably got assaulted, if the melta gun half moves twards objectives, the multi melta hits a tank or MC, lack of targets they follow they support the melta gun section. Snipers same targets.

    In theory, the enemy flank should be in shambels with only small losses sustained to the command squads and bike squads.


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    No power weapons in any of the squads? I'd probably put a combi-melta on the 2nd Captain, so he can pop'n'stomp any transported infantry by himself should push come to shove, or a combi-flamer if you feel you've already got enough anti-tank. Plasma guns imo are good, but far too unreliable and liable to backfire just when you're down to a single wound.

    Other than that, it looks pretty good - I'm not sure I'd bother with the scouts, especially without camo-cloaks, I'd probably replace them with a tooled up landspeeder or buy a 3 model HB armed attack bike squadron as 9 shots will do a lot of damage and they can't be stopped except in death
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