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    2000pt List - New to IG

    Hey all, I'm starting up an IG army and wanted to post up a list to get feedback before I start tossing money around. Take a look and let me know what you think. I really have no idea how they play, but I'm thinking static HQ, block of troops moving up, arty dropping, and sents/valks flanking and harrassing.

    CCS - Will remain static if possible.
    1 x Autocannon
    2 x Sniper
    1 Astropath
    1 Master of Ord
    1 Officer of the Fleet
    2 Bodyguards


    Platoon A
    JO - Power Weapon
    Commissar - Power Weapon
    2x GL
    2x Plasmagun

    Squad 1
    1x GL
    Squad 2
    1x GL
    Hvy. Squad 1
    3x Heavy Bolter

    Vet. Squad 1 - Drive around and roast infantry
    3x Flamer

    Vet. Squad 2 - Drive around and pop armor/MEQ
    3x Plasmagun

    Vet. Squad 3 - Will be joined by Bastonne in a Valk to aid Harker/grab OBs
    1x Meltagun
    2x Flamer

    Vet. Squad 4 - Will be joined by Harker - sit on OBs
    3x Sniper Rifle
    1x Autocannon

    Valkyrie Squadron - 1 Transport, 2 - Harrassers
    3x Lascannon
    3x Rocket Pods

    Scout Sentinal Squadron - Flankers
    3x Lascannon

    Ordnance Battery - Blast template I guess, seemed like I need some more armor than 2 Chimeras
    3x Griffon



    Total = 1985

    Don't be gentle. 3 vet squads will be made out of Kasrkins and one from Catachan. At this time I only have Kasrkins and 5 Sentinels, so my purchaes will be based off your input. I want to use Steel Legion for my troops. I'm pretty dead set on that.

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    So you want to try out the airborne-mechanized theme? Rather than give specifics, let me offer some pointers. First off, your vets will die quickly if they don't get a lot of support, particularly when they move in close. Retool the infantry platoon to have more heavy weapons--nothing weaker (or shorter-ranged) than an autocannon. Second, your list depends almost completely on the Valkyries, which are easy pickings for an opposing army. I strongly recommend replacing at least one Griffon with a Russ tank to try and take some of the antitank heat off of them. Third, if you're playing a close-quarters type of Guard army at the 2,000 points level then you would benefit from a good CC counterattack squad. Maybe replace your Sentinels with a Rough Rider squad? RR's will be better able to keep up with fast vehicles than anything else.

    Lastly, remember that, while it's cool to have lots of deepstrikers and outflankers, they're not doing anything while they're in reserves...and your opponent will be concentrating his firepower at your CCS, infantry platoon and Griffons. I've seen many people lose games because they put half their army in reserve, only to realize they just let their enemy attack two half-armies one at a time.
    "My tanks have names, my men have numbers." -Col. Edmund Grahvess, 23rd Kronecker Prison Guard

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