1500 Point Fluff/Fun - Non-Competetive - PLS CRITIQUE - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 Point Fluff/Fun - Non-Competetive - PLS CRITIQUE

    Wanted to get some friendly advice on my fluffy and non-competetive list I'm going to playtest this weekend...

    HQ: CCS / vox/ HFlamer / sniper / astropath / officer of the fleet / chimera

    TROOP: PCS / vox / HFlamer / sniper / vet / chimera

    TROOP: INF. SQUADS x2 / vox / HBolter / Sniper

    TROOP: VETS x2 / vox / lascannon / plasma (x1 in each squad)

    TROOP: VETS x1 / melta x2 / HFlamer / Grenadiers / Bastonne / (Valkyrie)

    TROOP: HEAVY WEAPONS / mortars x3 (3 squads of 3 - 9 total mortar men)

    ELITE: Stormies x7 / plasma x2 / vet sgt. pow. weap. / airborne assault mission (DS)

    FAST: Valkyrie (stock)

    HEAVY: LRBT / HB sponsons

    I'm mixed on the loadout for HFlamer and sniper. my reasoning is to simply ward off oncoming threats and pin down the enemy with sniper fire. is this plausible? does this duo make sense?

    troops infantry squads i usually load out ML and GL. i wanted to try something new.. make any sense here either?

    vets i liked the LC on them because of the BS4. i figured better hitting with 3's to tank bust.

    vets with Bastonne is just for fun and for some cc toastiness. may not be effective, but i wanted to play it out anyway.

    mortars for some pinning action. wanted to try them out finally because they seem so effective now in 5th. might be better off with 2 griffons though...

    i'm playing a good friend and didn't want to get, dare i say it, too cheesy. not that anything in our dex can be considered such - barring the flames against the Vendetta. i guess i could bring a few hydras to bear - i don't have the models though - and some other killing goodness, but it's really not for the win but for some fluffy fun this weekend.

    i was curious about my combos in PCS and CCS. do they make sense overall? can they be tweaked to be better and still be fluffy?

    many thanks!!!


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    Personally i'd loose the snipers in the command squads, these boys will be hurtling towards your opponent burning things to death. Which leads me nicely to the burny part. Heavy Flamers are stupidly over priced, You can get FOUR!!!! Yes FOUR flamers for the same price. 4 flamers is more burny death than one heavy flamer. Plus it will scare your opponent more.

    If you're after something funny to throw at your mate. Take the Heavy Flamer out of Bastonnes Vet squad, It will shooting tanks anyway with the MEltas, Give this squad a Demo charge. Just to see the look on his face.

    9 Mortars looking like it will be fun, Whether it will kill much though is a different matter. But still it should be fun.

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