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    1000 to 1500 Codex (DA Flavor)

    Ah, it appears I'm starting all over as I sold my former project but can't stand to have no Marines around.

    So I've decided to go simple and use as many cheap AOBR models as I could get on ebay, with just a few bits for conversion and tweaking my list.

    As I've decided to paint them up as Dark Angels, I suppose that I should try to stick to their fluff somewhat and so even though I'll be using the regular codex, I want to pick some units which fit their background and MO.

    1000 Pts

    135 Captain, Relic Blade, Storm Bolter (NOTE: I count the storm bolter as 5 pts because I like round numbers)

    125 Dreadnaught, Assault Cannon, Power Fist, Heavy Flamer

    230 Terminator Squad (5), Storm bolters and Power fists, power weapon, assault cannon

    170 (x3) Tactical Squad (10 ), bolters, sgt/ pistol and chainsword, flamer, missile launcher

    SO how will this army fare, and what can I do to take it to 1500?

    I was thinking Ravenwing and a Land Raider Crusader....

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