Hello everyone,

Here is (what I hope is polished) a 1,000 pt. list as part of a partner tournament that I'll be attending later this month. So it's 1k and 1k vs. 1k and 1k, 2k per side, one Force Organization Chart per side.

Cadian 144th
HQ w/ Chimera, Meltagun, 3x Grenade Launchers (130 pt.)

PCS w/ 2x Flamers (40 pt.)
3 Infantry Squads w/ Grenade Launcher, Autocannon (195 pt.)

PCS w/ 2x Flamers (40 pt.)
3 Infantry Squads w/ Grenade Launcher, Lascannon (225 pt.)

2 Leman Russ Battle Tanks w/ Lascannon hull, Heavy bolter sponsons (370 pt.)

That comes to 75 infantry, 2 tanks, 1 transport in a 1,000 pt. list. Lots and lots of shooting! Just as a comparison, here is what my partner was planning on running:

Blood Angels
Chaplain Lemartes 125

5x Death Company (5 jump packs) 85
6x Veteran Assault Squad (1 PF) 200 (note: the PF might actually be a PW, I have to double-check)

10x Tactical Squad (1 plasma cannon, 1 meltagun, rhino) 255
5x Assault Squad (1 PW, 1 Meltabomb, rhino) 160

Fast Attack
1x Attack Bike (multimelta) 50

Heavy Support
1x Baal Predator (heavy bolter sponsons) 125

Total 1000

We're basically going to do a shooty/counter-attack army. I purposely selected to have so many models (7 because my partner has few (29). Our plan is to sit back and shoot the first few turns, then come out and engage in CC/use flamers for squads that get too close to my lines. I'm purposely keeping my infantry squads separate so if/when they get assaulted, they get cut down and then we can shoot/assault the consolidating squad the next turn. We have a fair amount of vehicles which will help keep fire away from my Leman Russes (hopefully). Let me know what you think! /tc/